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Body. Is. Sore. Fancy giving me a massage?

Cue.. cute cat picture.



But just think we’re halfway there. It’s Wednesday afternoon which means there’s only 2 days before the weekend. Rejoice!

Before I get into my day, have you entered the super sweet Giveaway? Anyone can enter and you can have more than one entry! So get going people.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my recent posts on eat responsibly and how eating a cupcake is healthy too. And even though I knew it, writing it and putting it into perspective like that has done wonders to concrete it a little more into my brain [and hopefully put it into action]. Its helped me with some choices of late I’ve had to make.. and yes, I’ll most probably expand on this a little later.

Anyways, my Wednesday started wayyyy too early. 5:30am to be exact for a 6:00am Body Step class. Lucky the members make it so worth it. Plus Body Step is super fun, no matter what time of the day it is.

Then a miracle happened because I managed to come home, shower and get back into my pjs for an extra 45 minutes of blissful, half-awake sleep. But boy when that alarm went off I was considering skipping my weight workout (yes I know, naughty me for doing two consecutive days of weight sessions- my body is paying for it now) but then I remembered the sexy guy I saw in the weight room yesterday, and the fact that I had Body Balance after and hopped out of bed. Ha.

I rewarded myself with a special edition to my breakfast- semi dried tomatoes. Ahhh this seriously made the scramble. [Speaking of tomatoes, I’m determined to make my own homemade cooked salsa- but don’t know how to can, gimme tips/recipes/how-to-can?!].

A full breakfast complete with water and vitamins.

photo 2-35

Oh and check out my awesome pan.

photo 1-35

We’ve always bought Circulon frypans since they’re non-stick, even though we’ve had plenty of issues with them- all our fault though.

First of all we were never told not to use olive oil and last time we purchased one we were put in our place. From then on we only used rice bran oil with it (mum is determined to always use oil- I’m the complete opposite). Then most recently we found out that you aren’t suppose to use high heat with the Circulon pans because it burns the bottom and defies its’ non-stick abilities.

So now we know and hopefully this one will last a little longer. I must admit it was absolute bliss flipping my egg this morning.

Then it was off to do a weight workout- the usual with the adjustments thanks to Tara @ Sweat Like a Pig!<– This girl knows her stuff. Followed by a much needed Body Balance class. Then it was home to foam roll, shower, prepare food for work and head to work.

I’m in a pretty lousy mood at the moment to be honest. My body is aching, it’s hot, I have to work till 10pm tonight and work has clients coming back which I’m less than thrilled about. I know, first world problems. Oh well, we all have these moments and hopefully mine buggers off soon.

I’m off to pep myself up with some blog reading, that always does the trick!

  • What ‘peps’ you up when you’re in a funk?
  • What little adjustment have you made to a meal lately that makes ALL the difference?

Daily Healthy Thought: Just because I feel down does not mean I’m putting myself in a bad situation.


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So hot..cannot think, write, eat- ahhhh naht, this girl can always eat and blog post (see how I left out think though ha!). Actually that’s not true I’m starting my Christmas travelling and family visiting this weekend so I’ll have to rapidly look for guest posts and dish up a whole lot of pre-scheduled posts for yall. Can’t leave you lonely over Christmas.




Anyways, what you should have got from that is that it’s super hot round here. I’m praying for a storm to break up this heat and humidity and to give us some stellar lightening shows.

Today was a weight training day, much like last week, followed by some Body Balance. However, today I matured from the Smith Machine and used the Squat rack for a complete free weight squat.




I was a bit nervy about going free for all and worried that I’d end up crumbling under the weights or hurting myself. Don’t worry though, I’m injury free and safe. I did however make a humbling decision to decrease my weights to 20 kgs each side (opposed to 30). I noticed that my depth and form was not good enough with the higher weight so felt I’d benefit more by decreasing and increasing my range. I also had to do a common ‘weight wussy move’ by putting the velcro padding on the bar. This really helped and although I felt a bit pathetic with all the big guys around, right after I had finished some guy did exactly the same thing. I also opted to do chest presses with two dumbbells (thanks to the bf’s recommendation) so that one arm wasn’t helping the other.

I’m not sure what did it but at the moment I’ve got a bit of an ache in my left shoulder. I’m hoping it’s fatigue but it may be down to the fact that I didn’t pre-stretch and warm up adequately enough. Ice and stretches all round.

Apart from that my day has been pretty run of the mill. Oh and I got to do some more present wrapping for my mum too. It pretty much started with ‘Bek you know how you love wrapping presents…’ and ending with me twirling the ribbon on each gift. Lucky I can’t get enough of that Christmas joyous feeling you get as you carefully wrap each present.

Been there…



Do you enjoy wrapping presents? What does your typical wrapping routine look like? Are you going away for Christmas or staying home?

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