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Hands up if you like love nut butters!

Could not even help myself…I want one.



Can you see both my hands up, waving about? Yup, that’s true love and obsession right there.

See I’ve always loved peanut butter. In the early days it was the salty, oil induced, sugary kind and then it merged to the ‘low fat’ kind and eventually I found my way to the natural (and best) type.

macro organic smooth peanut butter_100x183


It started as a crunchy love affair and somehow morphed into a smooth romance. The smooth is much easier to spread and you get so much more!

Then I read a whole bunch of healthy blogs and saw this outrageous thing called Almond Butter and knew I had to have it.

And have it I did and still do.



I’ve even had the opportunity to try an outrageously overpriced sachet of Cashew butter which was pretty underwhelming. It’s really not that great. But want to know a nut butter that is great? Walnut Butter!


And what’s even more exciting is how I made it, wait for it- with the Vitamix! That’s right, you thought my Vitamix posts were done. You were (luckily) wrong.

It’s ridiculously easy to make too, especially if you’re lucky enough to own a Vitamix. Actually you could just about butter any nut you’d like! (See what I did there).

Any-Nut Butter

As little or as much as you want.

  1. Grab your nuts of choice (oh I won’t even go there). Walnuts were mine this time.
  2. Place in Vitamix or another powerful food processor/blender.
  3. Blend until desired consistency.

Spread, spoon, dip, lick and try not to cut your fingers getting every last scrape from around or under the blade.

What’s your favourite type of nut butter? Natural peanut butter will always be my number 1 love.

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