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Now this post is for everyone, whether you’re doing the challenge or not- because if you’re interested in doing Grit, you’ll want to know if it’s the right fit for you. But before we get into that let’s catch up with past Grit and Challenge related posts (click the links to read more!):

Feel free to read these posts and leave a comment! I’d love to get involved with others who are doing the challenge… you know to establish that ‘community’ feel. This is probably the only exception when it’s okay to turn one into many!

I thought I’d leave my thoughts of the challenge and my experiences with the challenge to another time, and instead interview and post from a different perspective. This perspective is something that will likely be completely different from my own, as it’s from a Gym newbie or beginners point of view (shout out if you’re a beginner and reading this! Oh and join the gym-loving team). Someone who isn’t on that team is my boyfriend. He is a complete anti healthy eating and exercise (particularly gym) person. Don’t get me wrong he is in great shape, in terms of aesthetics, plus he eats a very balanced diet- making sure to never say no to some pizza or chocolate cake as well. But some how, for the sake of the blog I recall, I talked him into joining me for a Grit Strength class this week.

It was really interesting to hear his thoughts on the class, as well as see him grit his teeth (pun intended), sweat like nobodies business and evil eye me throughout the entire thing. Probably the most obvious thing, was that he found it hard. Hard as in- he drank my entire water bottle contents during his many stops because he could not carry on.

I really don’t want this to scare you off though! If anything you should hold onto those nerves, bring them along to the class and use them to power you through the class. I am not going to lie to you and say it’s easy. It’s not. But is it worth it? Hell yeah! Like I tell my Body Step classes

But I guarantee it is that challenge that’ll get you coming back for more, every single time. It’s knowing that you can make it through a class and finish strong! Plus, if it’s hard- you know it’s working right? And it does get easier. Not to the point that you’re breezing through it, but it will get easier physically and mentally. Mentally, you’ll know you can make it through so there’s no more doubting yourself. And physically, well your muscles will be more used to the motions they are going through, you’ll increase your fitness levels, and therefore be able to work harder and up the anti next time. Just make sure you do give your body adequate rest and recovery time. If you’re new to the gym or Grit style classes, then doing 2 in 2 days is not advised. Take a few days in between and when it feels right, come back and join us!

So is Grit Strength for everyone? I think so. Unless of course pregnancy or injuries cause an issue (always listen to your body and check with your doc). However, I did see an amazing pregnant woman do it the other day and totally rock! She took her options and powered through the class. So really, there’s no excuse 😉 Whether you’re part of the challenge or not I think group fitness classes or team training (as Grit is deemed) is a fantastic way to begin incorporating exercise into your life! I mean what’s better than sweating it out to awesome music, with great choreography and a whole bunch of your mates? Plus the instructors or Grit Captains are absolutely amazing- motivating, fun and will have you excited about your next class! Oh and they’ll kick your butt- so you know you’re going to get a great workout!

What do you think of the Grit Strength classes? What is your favourite group fitness/team training class?


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