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Body. Is. Sore. Fancy giving me a massage?

Cue.. cute cat picture.



But just think we’re halfway there. It’s Wednesday afternoon which means there’s only 2 days before the weekend. Rejoice!

Before I get into my day, have you entered the super sweet Giveaway? Anyone can enter and you can have more than one entry! So get going people.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about my recent posts on eat responsibly and how eating a cupcake is healthy too. And even though I knew it, writing it and putting it into perspective like that has done wonders to concrete it a little more into my brain [and hopefully put it into action]. Its helped me with some choices of late I’ve had to make.. and yes, I’ll most probably expand on this a little later.

Anyways, my Wednesday started wayyyy too early. 5:30am to be exact for a 6:00am Body Step class. Lucky the members make it so worth it. Plus Body Step is super fun, no matter what time of the day it is.

Then a miracle happened because I managed to come home, shower and get back into my pjs for an extra 45 minutes of blissful, half-awake sleep. But boy when that alarm went off I was considering skipping my weight workout (yes I know, naughty me for doing two consecutive days of weight sessions- my body is paying for it now) but then I remembered the sexy guy I saw in the weight room yesterday, and the fact that I had Body Balance after and hopped out of bed. Ha.

I rewarded myself with a special edition to my breakfast- semi dried tomatoes. Ahhh this seriously made the scramble. [Speaking of tomatoes, I’m determined to make my own homemade cooked salsa- but don’t know how to can, gimme tips/recipes/how-to-can?!].

A full breakfast complete with water and vitamins.

photo 2-35

Oh and check out my awesome pan.

photo 1-35

We’ve always bought Circulon frypans since they’re non-stick, even though we’ve had plenty of issues with them- all our fault though.

First of all we were never told not to use olive oil and last time we purchased one we were put in our place. From then on we only used rice bran oil with it (mum is determined to always use oil- I’m the complete opposite). Then most recently we found out that you aren’t suppose to use high heat with the Circulon pans because it burns the bottom and defies its’ non-stick abilities.

So now we know and hopefully this one will last a little longer. I must admit it was absolute bliss flipping my egg this morning.

Then it was off to do a weight workout- the usual with the adjustments thanks to Tara @ Sweat Like a Pig!<– This girl knows her stuff. Followed by a much needed Body Balance class. Then it was home to foam roll, shower, prepare food for work and head to work.

I’m in a pretty lousy mood at the moment to be honest. My body is aching, it’s hot, I have to work till 10pm tonight and work has clients coming back which I’m less than thrilled about. I know, first world problems. Oh well, we all have these moments and hopefully mine buggers off soon.

I’m off to pep myself up with some blog reading, that always does the trick!

  • What ‘peps’ you up when you’re in a funk?
  • What little adjustment have you made to a meal lately that makes ALL the difference?

Daily Healthy Thought: Just because I feel down does not mean I’m putting myself in a bad situation.


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Good morning readers, how is everyone’s Saturday? Ps. I just checked the time and it’s 11:11- I’m making a wish. I’ve also injected some of this magical wishing power into this post, so when you read it you have my permission to make a wish also 🙂 Anyways, back on topic. It’s Saturday and that means it’s time to party because it’s the weekend! Last night we left off after some chit chat and me sharing my nerves about the ‘guys’ weight room. Well, let me fill you in with what happened at the gym last night.

I arrived 30 minutes before my CX class was scheduled and used this time to do my own thang. I didn’t quite have the guts to step into the weight room just yet but instead started in the ladies room with some of the machines. Now I know machines aren’t great but I stuck with ones that Tara from Sweat Like a Pig recommended for the upper body and lower body. I will admit being my lame, newbie self I didn’t know how many ‘reps’ to do. I feel so stupid throwing that word around when I have no idea what I’m talking about, but oh well this is how I’ll learn 🙂 So yes anyways, I ended up doing 2 or 3 sets (depending on fatigue level of muscles). A lot of it was just feeling around what weights were challenging enough etc. What I really should have done (kicking myself!) is noted the weights so I can improve. Stupido! Oh well, that’ll be my mission for next time. The machines I used were all on those pages plus I also did the abductor machine (don’t evil eye me people). So all up I used the lat pull down, some chest machine, abductor and leg press (obvious that I’m a noob or what?! Haha). I didn’t get round to doing too much because really it was more a testing the waters sort of thing, so too much time was wasted changing weights etc. I’m excited to get into it a bit more and start coming up with some exercise routines to share with you. Oh and I also did some quick one minute spurts of cardio in between each machine on the rower, tready and elliptical.

After that was done I made my way upstairs to the Group Fitness room to do CX. I love how the exercises are starting to slightly get easier because for me (I’ve upped the intensity and always maintain technique- I’m a technique nazi haha). I feel that’s enough proof for me that I’m getting stronger at them.

In particular, I’ve improved in my planks and lower abdominal moves (which use to be a slight struggle because of my weak lower back). I also got invited on stage, which I actually found odd. The lady mentioned it would a good chance to get some more practise in before the training. I thought at first she forgot that the CX training was cancelled, but then thought about it and realised that maybe this training is still going ahead but just at a later date. I’m unsure but from what she was saying that’s what I’ve grasped.  I’ll have to ask to double check. If that is the case it’s fantastic and means I’ll still get my complementary training! Maybe my closed door was just kept ajar?

Anyways after that I also tried a program that I hadn’t done for ages. Reason for this is because I purely did not enjoy it. I don’t think it was a distaste for the program but rather the instructor. She wasn’t bad but her style was just something I didn’t mesh with I guess? Anyways, others must have felt the same because the classes got cancelled and now there are only two classes left. Oh and for your information the class I’m talking about is Sh’Bam (but the post title and pic should have been a giveaway ha!).

My mentor instructor for Body Step actually teaches Sh’Bam also and I’ve heard really good things about her class. Since I’m on prac and not working my usual Friday nights I finally had the chance to try it out! I actually really enjoyed her class and the time just flew by (compared to past experiences). I loved the dance aspect, the steps, routines, music and the necessary attitude and sexy-ness they throw in. It was a really good class and made you want to go out and hit the clubs after! For me Sh’Bam is definitely a hit and miss. With a great instructor and the right mood you’ll really enjoy the class. If you have a less than ideal instructor, or your short on time and just want to thrash out a sweaty and intense workout, then I’d give it a miss. It’s not challenging, which makes it great for a variety of fitness levels but also means it’s not a particularly high calorie burner (personally) and is more for enjoyment than for pushing yourself. However, if I had the time I’d do it again- given that I’m in the right mood of course 😉

That’s my recap from last night’s exercise shenanigans. I’m off to be productive at work…after I catch up on the ‘blogasphere’ of course.

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: I’m perfect, just the way I am.

What do you think of Sh’Bam? What things are hit and miss for you? (Don’t have to be exercise related!)

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