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for moments like these..

beautiful views, even when it’s overcast


cooky signs at Nimbin- lovin’ it

vegie breakfast- 2 poached eggs, pumpkin, mushrooms, tomato and eggplant… too bad it’s drenched in oil. A waste of beautiful vegies (does this make anyone else feel icky)

a dead snack that’s not quite dead..haha

lennox markets- stop 2 (nimbin markets were a flop fyi)

TENS therapy- shocks your muscles and feels crazy

a light lunch- wholemeal wheat thin with 2 slices ham, cucumber, tomato and mushys

homegrown strawberries- far better than store bought mmm. pick ’em, then eat em’!

Now for grand final footy watching and more relaxing. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

What did your Sunday look like?

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