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In the spirit of Christmas and living IN the moment, I thought I’d share with you all my Christmas List. But this isn’t going to contain gifts or any of that stuff, this is about things I want to on Christmas and during the Christmas season.

1.Look at 89893489328492 different Christmas Lights!


This house was amazing. The lights would flash according to the Christmas carols playing! It even had its very own radio station.

I love going for walks to check out all the nearby Christmas light set ups. Last year the bf and I also went on a huge Christmas Light drive and scoped out all the ‘top’ ones according to the newspaper.

2. Do lots of festive baking.


Traditionally we would always cook mum’s Chocolate truffle snowballs- they are so good. I’ve love to do a remake of them- and I’m thinking this is the year to do it! I also want to cook some more traditional Christmas dishes. But I have already got my Christmas bake on with Christmas pancakes and thumbprints!

3. Set up the Christmas tree and decorations.


I know December 1st has come and gone. Every other year we manage to have it set up by then, but because we are moving house over the next couple of weeks we thought it’d just be easier to set it up at the new place. So I’m super excited about that and the fact that it’ll be the first time with our new tree- our other one lasted a solid 20 years. This new one is so green and full and big!

4. Watch cheesy Christmas shows and carols.

I don’t know why, but it really makes me feel like it’s Christmas when you’re watching everyone sing along happily with plenty of red and green around the place, or someone’s trying to spoilt Christmas haha. Nothing says Christmas like a tv Christmas special. Oh and I’m determined to get out the good old Christmas movies: Elf, The Grinch, Love Actually, The Santa Claus 1, 2 & 3, Christmas With The Kranks, Fred Claus- what others are there?

5. Spend time with family.

I cannot wait to visit the in laws and spend some more time at their beautiful house. Plus this year I’ll be going back to Port Macquarie for our annual Christmas vacation (with dad and his side of the family). Last year was the first year EVER that we didn’t go. This year everyone (almost) will be there so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them and the good food that will be there!

6. Buying and wrapping Christmas presents.




(Now I said there’d be no mention of gifts, but this isn’t for me so it doesn’t count.) Call me crazy but I love the whole ‘Christmas shopping crazy atmoshpere’. You know the one where you can never get a park? Yup, throw me into that! It’s all hustle and bustle. I also love finding the perfect gift. I put quite a bit of effort into researching presents, prices etc. And then when I get home I cannot wait to start wrapping it all up. I usually end up wrapping mums’ gifts too. And I’ve already found the ‘perfect’ wrapping paper! I’ve just got to get ribbon and gift tags. Christmas wrapping is serious business.

7. Give more.




And not just materialistic stuff either. Give someone a smile, an ear to listen or my time. Christmas should definitely include acts of selflessness.

What does your Christmas List look like? What are some other good Christmas movies- that I’ve just GOT to watch?

Daily Healthy Thought: I need to give myself as much positivity as I give others.


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This instalment of Michelle Bridge’s Mini Series is all about being selfless, and actually it can be related to an earlier post on excuses, and specifically not having time to exercise.


Often with all the demands of our lives we think we are being selfish by taking the time out to spend it on ourselves, especially in terms of exercise and working out. Or by putting off the dishes, laundry, dinner or doing something for the kids to do something you want to do- like exercise- is selfish. When actually it’s often the most selfless thing you can do.


Michelle used a fantastic example- you know when you’re aboard an aeroplane and they explain in the case of an emergency put on your mask first before helping others etc. We do this so that we can actually live, and then consequently help others. You become useless when trying to be the martyr helping someone else, and not being able to follow through because you lose consciousness. You help yourself first. It’s as simple as that. This example takes away all the emotion and guilt, and leaves you with rational reason. Too bad we’re often surrounded by emotions and guilt in our everyday lives when faced with the ultimatum- workout or spend time with kids/partner, do work, clean etc.


This quote really sums it up perfectly. By giving yourself nurturing and care (exercise being some form of this) you are then able to give those around you and everything you do, the best of you. By looking after yourself first you’re looking after others. It then also eliminates the resent that one could foster (you know- ugh I wish I could do blah blah blah for myself, instead of having to do blah blah blah for blah blah blah)- blah 😉 You give up the guilt, resentment and related emotions to become the best version of yourself. You owe it to yourself, your family & friends and everything you do to become the best you. And yes, eating well, exercising, taking time out for YOU are ways to do this. We need to look after our health, bodies, minds and basically our whole selves before we can really look after others.


Oh and I love this quote I just came across. So true! Make sure you say YES to yourself enough, and not just to others. It’s okay to say ‘no, later, another time or I can’t’ to people- if it means saying yes to yourself and becoming the best version of yourself. Remember in doing this you are doing the best for others also, it’s not selfish- it’s sensible and selfless.

How could you start saying yes to yourself?

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