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Some changes have been happening around here so I thought I’d bunch them all together into one. You know, for organisation sake.

  • Went for a late night time walk, opposed to staying in bed and relaxing while watching tv. It was nice to mix it up.
  • Played a board game. I love puzzles, board games, cards etc but I never manage to do/play them enough. The other night we finally dusted off an old game of Battleships. Actually, it’s not old but pretty snazzy don’t you think? Oh and don’t ask who won.


  • Chose savoury over sweet. Yep I’m as stunned as you. Lately I’ve been loving me some vegemite! It is so good, especially on a wholemeal roll with some cheese melted on top. Or with wholegrain toast and a boiled egg. For those not living in the coolest place ever (ha) Vegemite is a salty spread, similar to Promite and Might mite?

Looks disgusting, tastes amazing.


  • Added cherry tomatoes to my savoury breakfast. Usually I have one egg flipped with two slices of thin turkey on top of a piece of wholegrain bread with a vegie scramble [egg, vegies, tofu, spinach etc]. But today the cute cherry tomatoes were calling to me and I just had to pop them in, along with a few that magically popped into my mouth. I’ve gone off tomatoes ever since all the tomato produce we were getting here was pretty pathetic.


  • I’m starting to approach my avoidance behaviours instead of trying (but likely failing) to avoid or distract myself from them. Yes I did the whole ‘Oh hi belly, don’t you look dapper today’.
  • I’m starting to actually look forward to that ‘down time’. You know those days you have for recovery and get to spend with family and loved ones, and end up getting lots more done! Or those days when you just ‘get away‘ from it all. Or even those days when you have a brief 15 minutes to relax. I’m starting to get what everyone is raving about…and then I remember I wanted to do something and off I am again!


  • Went to sleep after my boyfriend. Normally we make it his job to stay awake whilst I sleep. For some reason I’m always restless when he is asleep first and I struggle to get to sleep. And this usually ends up with my being painfully annoying to him as I try to keep him up. Deep breath sighs- till he gets the point, rolling around in the bed- till it disturbs him…or just saying his name out loud to jolt him awake. Caring girlfriend? I’d agree.
  • I could not get to work quick enough today. Want to know why? (Of course you do). Parking at the moment is ridiculous and not only that but terrible drivers come out this time of the year and it’s infuriating to be near them. Don’t get me wrong I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, but I need to actually be able to park for that to happen. Well today was just not my day, so I went to work early instead. Living the life.

What’s happened that’s out of the usual in your life recently?

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So two posts- one day? Record or what? …Does that remind anyone of that infamous video? Need I say more. haha.

Well my combat class went really well as did CX- I love how cx targets the core and gives you an intense workout for that area. If you haven’t tried a class- please do. The instructor for combat cray cray..she was loopy as..whilst it was funny I felt a tad uncomfortable at times haha. But I still managed to get a great workout 🙂 It also makes me think what participants think of me when I teach, especially when I fill in and people are less used to me. Oh gosh..maybe I’d rather not know?

Oh and while I’m here, here’s a few songs I’m loving at the moment.

That last one I finally heard last night after the bf insisted (on numerous occasions) I listen to it. He wants it somewhere in our future wedding- what a cutie right 😉 The first two songs always manage to get me feeling good when I am in a slump and just give me that extra pep to remember to keep on loving life.

Oh and one of the highlights of my day is officially joining the family over at Foodie Fiasco‘s blog. This is a blog I’ve only recently stumbled across and instantly fell in love with. Written by a cutie named Kelly, she blogs delicious recipes (mainly desserts, wee!) with the utmost enthusiasm-it’s hard not to fall in love with her (and drool over the pictures mind you).

In more breaking news (because my life is really that exciting) I’ve changed up my brekky the past couple of days. Gone are the delicious oats (not for long I’m sure) and I’ve introduced a more protein and vege packed savoury breakfast. I know, I too am surprised how I’ve gone over to the dark side and chosen savoury over sweet. Because I am a lover of variety I decided to have two eggs- one scrambled with a bunch of vegies (semi dried tomato, corn, mushrooms, spinach leaves, carrots, cauli & broccoli) and one fried (no oil, thank you non stick pans ha) with the yolk still runny, on top of a piece of wholegrain toast with two thin slices of turkey. And it really fills me up (the protein per calorie ratio I bet is just off the chain). Yesterday because my doctors appointment ran almost 80 minutes late, it filled me up from 8:30 to 2:30 with 2 hours of intense exercise thrown in there.

Because you love food porn.

And I also had a really good vegie packed lunch containing quinoa, vegies (same as brekky), tuna and some sweet chilli to top it off. Mmmmhmm.

I’m starting to get a bit peckish after this morning’s workout so I think I’ll grab me some wholegrain toast, topped with pb (thats peanut butter for people in the know haha), banana slices and chia seeds! Oh and before I go- since when does bike class work your abs? I felt it yesterday (it may have been the pump or step classes I also did but I don’t usually feel a strong ab ache like I did yesterday) and do now. Isn’t that just so motivating? I love feeling that sweet ache after working hard and trying something new. I’ve also been feeling it in the calves and hamstrings (but I expected that).

Are you a savoury or sweet person? Do you feel it in your abs during bike class? Or what class has left you feeling sore the next day in an odd place?

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