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Okay, so we know I’m a definite foodie by now right? Plus I’m sure you know I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Well, that tooth- whilst it is still sweet- ain’t raring like it use to. During my dark ED days I would deprive myself of things I wanted and loved all week. And then my sweet tooth would be crazy by Saturday night, to which I’d have my weekly (usually very decadent) dessert. Well those days of deprivation and restriction are over buddy! Plus, the restriction didn’t turn out too well for me either. Anyways, thanks to my ‘no food rules’ philosophy and my focus on balance and moderation I’ve been able to enjoy the sweet things in life (literally) when I felt like it, and not in an unhealthy manner either. As my therapist says ‘I can have my cake and eat it too’.

Obviously NOT what I’m advocating haha!

I’m not saying this as an accomplishment (from an ED part inside of m)e, but rather as evidence that it will happen. I very rarely have decadent or any dessert any more, other than my creations. Plus I don’t even know if you could call that combination that I whip up a dessert anyways- but that’s beside the point, it’s not about categorising or labelling food. Anyways, yes- I’ve hardly had the craving for sweet things anymore. And it’s because I’ve taken away the forbidden allure that sweet food once had. Can you believe that the bf and I haven’t eaten dessert out at a restaurant since the time we went to Il Centro– that’s over 2 months! Plus I haven’t had ‘dessert’ at home since. Sure I’ve enjoyed some creations, snacked on not as healthy foods in moderation- but actually have a sit down and prepared dessert meal…nup. I don’t miss it, and most of the time I don’t need it. Oh and get this, the bf bought be peanut brittle Ben and Jerry’s…only for my brother to eat it! (Sorry to disappoint guys haha). Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking to make any record- I still love sweet stuff but I’ve learnt that I don’t HAVE to have it when I don’t feel like it. It’s not my ONLY chance to eat it. I can eat it whenever I want. Plus I’ve noticed my body runs better on different foods usually.

However, I couldn’t be a self-confessed sweets lover with a pathetic non-dessert-eating streak like that could I? Lucky someone is taking me out somewhere fancy (he told me to get my expectations up haha) this Saturday night to celebrate my end of prac. Plus we have been pretty conservative with our date nights, so it will be fun to dress up and dine in fine form 😉

Anyways, I hope you’ve read this not as encouragement to NOT eat sweet stuff, or as me showing off my ability to control and limit my food choices. That’s not what I’m trying to get at, AT ALL! I’m trying to give you proof, from my own life experiences, that taking away the restriction, forbidden-ness and rules really works. At first though, yeah I probably had my fair share (and your fair share too) of sweet stuff and all the stuff I didn’t typically eat. However, this phase ends- I promise. However, it will only end if you’ve utterly and completely taken away all the restrictions and rules. If you find yourself in the ‘oh yay I can eat what I want now- oh my god is this ever going to stop’ phase, please don’t stop and add back all those restrictions. Just try and listen to your body, your cravings and make rationale decisions. It will not impact your weight forever (as in the temporary gain from eating more than usual), but it will make a difference to your mindset and your life forever. See it as a rebound stage, accept it and then let it happen. You’ll notice that the less you obsess about it the sooner it will pass.


What have you noticed after you took away your food rules? Share your stories!



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I always find Sundays to be super fun days but it’s also a bit depressing as a new working week is just around the corner- but lets focus on the positives and see it rather as a new beginning, a time for new challenges and a week full of delicious eats, positive thinking, fantastic workouts and a whole lot of fun!

How dead on is this picture- but why do I feel compelled to add ‘Ice Cream’ in there somewhere?

Sunday is also for many a day of rest and a time to slowly but surely catch up on much needed business. So if you’re in need of catching up with me here’s what has been the haps recently:

Work is almost over for me and it’s been such a breeze I released the bf from prison early so he can go home to chill on his day off (such a saint of a gf). We are heading into South Bank to wander and meander about- check out some shops, go for a nice walk, grab some lunch..this is all after we do a quick speedy grocery shop though.

I hope you spend your Sunday with those you love doing things you love! I know I am!

What are you up to today? What is a typical Sunday for you?

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