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Because I can..

A date with this hot guy

photo 4-6


At our favourite Wagaya restaurant

photo 1-7

He tried to surprise me with a vegetable miso soup..that just wasn’t my sort of thing

photo 1-8

He tried a new dish of wagyu beef skewers

photo 1-9

And raw beef sushi type things..which he ended up cooking in our hot pot anyways

photo 3-7

I declared my love for Edamame
photo 2-7

Nom nom nom

photo 4-7

And watched while out curry hot pot cooked in front of us

photo 2-8

With ramen of course

photo 3-8

Had to share my cute new earrings (flowers) thanks to the Mother and Father In Law.

photo 3-6

Drove past a huge sparkly christmas tree in the city

photo 5-5

Came home to my too adorable dog Dotti lying on mum

photo 5-4

And now snuggled in bed with a good book

And a mess of 1/2 banana sliced, pb, oats, Chobani 0%, bran, raisins & walnuts crushed.


What book are you reading at the moment? What messes do you love to eat?

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Start of the night..



Dinner @ Bamboo Basket, Southbank.








Hot Date 


Steamed Prawn Dumplings for him- he wasn’t overly fond of them7

BBQ Pork Buns also for him- thanks to my recommendation. He loved these!8

Steamed Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings- sooooo goood. 


Crispy Roast Duck, also for him. It was a delight watching him pick at the skin, fat and bones- that’s my boy 😉10

He decided to order the buns with condensed milk…only to just eat spoonfuls of the condensed milk.11

A weird gooey chocolate ball of some kind- he said it wasn’t overly sweet. He loved the texture and it was amazingly elastic, almost like playdough..but taste was ordinary apparentally.12

Movie drinks- h2o for me, large frozen raspberry for him.13

2 tickets to Sky Fall, which we ended up refunding because I’m a grandma and just can’t hack the late nights. Postponing the movie till Monday we think- can you believe it goes for 2 hrs and 30 mins? I need motivation to go..ughh14

Fantastic date night with my sexy man- couldn’t ask for anything more.

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