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Another Monday, and another week started.

Mine involved two pumpin’ Body Step classes and a chill day with the boy, who once again is fighting a cold. He actually isn’t that sick but slept all day yesterday when he was worse and hardly slept at all last night. Getting over sickness + no sleep = not work appropriate.

We did have a brief outing in the arvo though, after his few mini naps throughout the day (oh how I wish I could do that). First stop was a movie date to see Parental Guidance. It was pretty average but had a few good laughs. We finished up by visiting the arcade to play a dancing game.

photo 1-34

You know those ones where you follow the screen and just move your feet. Well my mojo must have been low because someone flogged me the first two rounds. Luckily by the end I’d found my beat and managed to win the final 2 rounds to come victorious…

photo 2-34


I also managed to make a good dint in my book. And actually I’ve almost finished it!


Yes, I do nasty dog ears on my book. My boyfriend can just remember the page number he was up to! Can you believe that?

I don’t think I have any party tricks like that. [Party tricks as in neat little things that you can do, that just so happen to impress us ordinary folk.]

Since I’m pretty plain jane I remember some party tricks I use to and still do wish I could have:

  • Be super flexible. This always impressed me.
  • Be able to do awesome magic tricks.
  • Speak another language.
  • Do the worm.
  • Read minds.
  • Predict the future.
  • Perform aerobic/circus stunts. You know, your ordinary flips, handstand bridge (!) etc.
  • Hypnotise people.

Perhaps some are a bit far fetched but hay, they’re impressive nonetheless. I think if there were any chance of me having a party trick it’d have to be exercise related. Is the ability to workout hard impressive? Ha, maybe so..but not quite impressive enough since it’s pretty standard.

What is your party trick? Or what party trick have you always wanted to have?


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Start of the night..



Dinner @ Bamboo Basket, Southbank.








Hot Date 


Steamed Prawn Dumplings for him- he wasn’t overly fond of them7

BBQ Pork Buns also for him- thanks to my recommendation. He loved these!8

Steamed Chicken & Vegetable Dumplings- sooooo goood. 


Crispy Roast Duck, also for him. It was a delight watching him pick at the skin, fat and bones- that’s my boy 😉10

He decided to order the buns with condensed milk…only to just eat spoonfuls of the condensed milk.11

A weird gooey chocolate ball of some kind- he said it wasn’t overly sweet. He loved the texture and it was amazingly elastic, almost like playdough..but taste was ordinary apparentally.12

Movie drinks- h2o for me, large frozen raspberry for him.13

2 tickets to Sky Fall, which we ended up refunding because I’m a grandma and just can’t hack the late nights. Postponing the movie till Monday we think- can you believe it goes for 2 hrs and 30 mins? I need motivation to go..ughh14

Fantastic date night with my sexy man- couldn’t ask for anything more.

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