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Dolled up

Oh no, it’s that time again- the night before we all go back to work. I tell ya, I hope these next two weeks go quick- because that’ll mean prac is done and dusted, I’ll have the week off to study for one exam and then…it’s holiday time! Woohoo!

Last night was exactly what I needed, and I even managed to get a relatively early night (10pm!). The crappy weather today also meant that no bright sun was there to wake me up- which meant I slept until 7ish, when the bf got up and on the computer, and then managed to get back to sleep until 8 when my alarm went off! I still felt like I could have had more but Body Attack was calling and I knew I’d kick myself if I missed out on that fun (still convinced that Body Attack training might be my new door!). After that I had to rush home super quick to get ready for professional photos with the bf’s family. Unfortunately, I have absolutely rank looking regrowth as I’m trying to grow it out before I get it re-dyed a new colour. I’m still liking this colour, but I’m actually even contemplating keeping my natural colour and putting foils or highlights through it. Anyways, I’ve got 3 weeks to think it through so I might do some more googling before then (any good hair colour websites?!). But anyways, back to the rank regrowth (alliteration) guess what came to the rescue, in true upper market style… mascara! Haha, worked a treat 😉 Before the photos though someone needed breakfast after that gruelling class!

One wholemeal english muffins, one half with 2 thin slices of turkey & soft egg, and the other with 1/2 pb + 1/2 ab, chia seeds, oats and banana slices. A new combo and I was definitely impressed.

Oh and speaking of food, check out last night’s Grill’d dinner! It was so GOOD, as usual.

Sorry for the side tracking, back to today. Whilst we were all dolled up and looking good, we thought we’d take the opportunity to take a couple of happy snaps of our own 😉

After the pain gruelling time that was getting the professional photos done…ha! (Nah it wasn’t that bad, but gosh photographers are picky) We had a date with our travel agent and on the way there we saw this cute guy- he wanted to come home with us.

The travel agent went great too! Our travel plans? All organised! Here’s what is now happening. We’ve postponed the trip by 3 weeks so I can do an intensive subject before I go, and we will be leaving for London the next day! We’ll spend a few days there before starting our Contiki tour, which runs for 2 weeks. After that we’ve got just over a week on our own where we will be extending our amsterdam stay for 2 nights and then spending a week in Paris! Then it’s home to Brisbane. I’m seriously so excited! Bye bye money and hello experiences!

Anyways, I’m off to relax before school tomorrow- we’ve got a swimming carnival, plus I’ve got an early Body Step class!

Ps. Keep your eyes peeled for some yummy & healthy recipes this week!

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: I’ll get nowhere if I don’t love myself.

Have you got any up and coming travel plans?


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Good evening readers! Did everyone enjoy the review of Body Step 89? I definitely think you should go out and try it, and then add your two cents in a comment 😉 Yup, turning everyone into body steppers one day at a time haha! Oh and guess who is trying a class for the first time this Thursday night? Yup, that’s right- my sexy bf. He is coming to my class for the gym refurbishment launch and I’m so excited. He is in for a shock 😉

Today was pretty jam packed. I did my usual gym classes of body combat and cx- oh and I did the new combat… whilst I am loving the music and most of the tracks- 4 and 5 are WAY to easy and not intense enough. We only did the front half though, with the instructor promising she’ll bring us the entire release next week, so I’ll see how that goes and give a review for that too 🙂

Then it was back to school! Hahaha, saying that always reminds me of this hilarious song from the Billy Madison movie! After gym I rushed double time to get ready for my first school volunteer day visit. Next term I’ve got 4 weeks of prac and we have to visit 3 times beforehand to meet the kids and get planning done. The teachers are absolutely lovely! Especially my associate supervising teacher (thank goodness!). The kids seem super sweet and my class has 20 boys and 7 girls! Talk about uneven ratios haha- it will be interesting. Most of the students come from different cultural backgrounds also, which will be a good experience for me. From the sounds of it the teacher plans absolutely amazing lessons and delivers the content so well for the students- I’m pretty excited to be working with her.

After school I had to rush to my uni tutorial. I ended up shoveling my salad into my mouth and getting changed in the car- yup not ideal haha. However, once I got to uni things slowed down and I was able to get back into the groove. I’ve only got one more tutorial for math on Friday and then it’s our mid semester week break- ahhh I can’t wait!

I got home late tonight and had a delicious dinner of garlic chicken and vegies. Oh and remember that Europe trip we were planning?

Yup, well things are really starting to fall into place. Once we get things sorted I’ll give you the full run down and maybe you can offer me some tips and recommendations (PLEASE)! So far we’ve decided on doing a Contiki tour for 2 weeks, then spending the remaining two weeks divided between Amsterdam and romantic Paris 😉 The Contiki tour is awesome because it covers so much in so little time and is so darn affordable! It’s also good because they are able to organise quick entry into many sights and attractions that would normally take hours to line up too!

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: To step outside your comfort zone is to grow.

What’s your daily healthy thought? Did you enjoy the first day back at school? Have you ever travelled to Europe?

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