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The boyfriend and I were in the mood to keep it simple for date night. That doesn’t mean we skimped on taste though! We made reservations for a cafe up the road for 7:45pm and got ready a little earlier than normal so we could make walk up there.

The got-to-have selfie action shots.

photo 1-22

I’m a creep haha.

photo 2-23

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at Caffe Diamante.

photo 1-23

And sat at our special number 6 table. Simon first asked me to be ‘his girlfriend’ on the 6th day of the 6th month (June- which is also my birth month). Which makes today exactly 43 months that we’ve been dating- or 3 years and 7 months.

photo 3-16

We had never eaten here before but I knew it was Italian food. Sticking to tradition I went with a delicious tomato sauce based gnocchi dish with bacon, mushrooms, spinach and a hint of chilli. Topped with the necessary parmesan cheese.

photo 2-24

It was the best goddamn gnocchi I have ever eaten! I loved the huge tomato flavour enhanced by the bacon and the kick at the end thanks to the chilli. The servings were huge for the very reasonable price that the dish was. I ended up shamelessly asking for a doggy bag to take leftovers home for mum who is still quite sick (top daughter).

The bf took the wrong route (in my opinion ha) and ordered a 350g eye fillet with pepper sauce, salad and chips.

photo 3-17

The meat was a tad fatty at times and he mentioned he has had better pepper sauces but still managed to scoff it all down.

photo 5-11
Service was acceptable, company was fantastic, the weather was the perfect temperature for outdoor dining, it was fun to people watch and we both ended up walking home full and satisfied.
We will definitely come again.
Do you go to ‘themed’ restaurant and order against the theme? For example- go to a mexican place and order a non-mexican dish or a burger joint and get a schnitzel?

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I haven’t done a frozen food product review in a while and since I’ve been really enjoying this product I thought I’d share it- just incase you get in the same dilemma as me (need food at work, no break, no time to make etc), you feel like a quick meal or you just enjoy frozen meals (no judgement here). If you’re keen to read about other frozen food reviews get clicking away..

This dish was enjoyed for many Wednesday night work dinners. I am a big fan of couscous so as soon as I saw this in the frozen food aisle I knew I had to try it.

photo 1-14

I was also pleasantly surprised that the Lamb Koftas didn’t have the gross taste of soy protein/dry rocks like other meals with meatballs did. The serving size is reasonable and satisfied me easily. In true Bek fashion though I did add my beloved mushrooms.

The meal definitely has a hit of spice too it, but nothing crazy. The first time I tried it I could also taste a hint of coriander which I hate! Thankfully, I haven’t since and this was only a minor.

I’m afraid I didn’t remember to grab pictures of the dish all nice and fancy (ie. in my white bowl haha). I think it’s a mixture of the sweltering heat and the agony from my shoulder not allowing me to concentrate. I had to dig dip to even finish this post. But I did think of you and those who like to know it all, so I took a picture of the nutritionals and ingredients list. You’re welcome.

photo 2-15

Since I’m sick of all the risottos and cheesy-ness, this is definitely my favourite meal at the moment. I feel like it’s one I could continue to have without getting sick of too. I’d make it number 1 on my list and a 10/10! Tastes just like homemade 😉

Have you recently come across a new frozen meal/food you’d like to share?

**I was not paid or endorsed for this post. This is just me helping yall out with frozen food dilemmas.**

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