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Oh my! It was SO hot today. We were warned it was going to be mid to high 30s, but I forgot how how that really was till now. Even with this hot weather we still managed to get plenty done and do everything we wanted to do.

First I woke up way too early my liking- around 7am. I know it doesn’t sound super early, but when you had to pick someone up at 1am that morning…7am becomes WAY too early. My bedroom is smack bam facing the sun as it rises, so it gets way too bright, way too soon around here. Since it was an absolutely glorious day I decided to take Dotti and Paws for a walk before things really heated up.


Even though it was early, it was still definitely hot. Oh and I was feeling pretty good about myself today (Healthy Thoughts, Healthy Actions must be helping in some way!) and decided that one of my fitness goals is to feel confident enough to be able to wear just a crop top and shorts when exercising. (Not a self centred thing, more a self confidence thing!)

However, I’m unsure at this point what it’ll take to get there- whether it means I need to work on my core, tighten up my diet or improve my mind set. My bets on a combination of all three, in a balanced and healthy manner of course 🙂 Oh, Paws and Dotti also wanted to get in on the action- so I took an in motion picture whilst walking them.


Ps. Does anyone else hate swooping birds? They scare the living daylights out of me and I’m dreading walking the dogs during Spring- since that’s typically swooping season. I’m so on edge and pretty jumpy haha.

After our walk it was markets time! But not before making my hungry man a quick bacon and egg breakfast. I was keen on some market food so I decided to wait for my brekky. We didn’t buy much but we did grab a few produce items- eggs, pineapple, strawberries and raw honey. Now the bf and I LOVE market food because there’s usually plenty of options that are a bit different from the typical food we eat. Although I really enjoyed the Chandler markets in terms of the general stalls, the food stalls (for purchase to eat then and there- not produce) were a bit of a let down. I didn’t come across anything I wanted for brekky, but the bf did manage to snag a banana smoothie- I had a taste and it was deliciously refreshing.

Stop 1 was out of the way and it was off to the shops to meet mum for some shopping. Don’t worry, none for me. Mum needed something to wear for a wedding she is MCing at, so I became her personal stylist. We managed to find (all me ;)) a beautiful coral, one shoulder, flow-y dress, a gold bracelet and nude wedges. She is going to look absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see it all together. At the shops I also managed to have a very late breakfast- or was it an early lunch? Or maybe midday snack? Whatever it may be, it was pretty good. I hadn’t eaten yet (silly) and I felt like something fresh and filling. I opted for a 6inch roasted chicken on wheat subway with swiss cheese, carrot, cucumber, capsicum, onion and lettuce.

Whilst at the store we also did the grocery shopping. It was a different store from our normal one, and the bf and I both agree that we will avoid doing groceries there in the future at all costs. Way too crowded, slow and everything was everywhere. After a longer than usual shop we found our way back home and I was starting to get pretty hungry for some lunch (if that’s what you’d call it). But first I wanted to do something with my most anticipated purchase- the pineapple!

Last week at the in-laws they bought fresh pineapple from the markets and it was incredible. I think this one might even be better. I am seriously obsessed with fresh pineapple atm- good bye tin stuff.. you really just don’t measure up. To put it to good use I made the bf some fruit kabobs.

On the skewer went: pineapple, marshmallows, pink lady apple, strawberries (also devine!) and banana.

Since it was that weird weather when it’s almost too hot to eat (I said almost!) and I’ve been all over the joint with my eating today, I was pretty undecided with what to have. The bf suggested a sandwich which sounded pretty good to me.

Two pieces of wholemeal and seeds burgen bread, 3 thin turkey slices, mushrooms, lettuce, grated carrot, cucumber and tomato.

Not too hot and definitely satisfying. Just what I needed.

We’re in chill mode at the moment, and the bf is having a sleep while I blog. I’ve got some prac stuff to prep for tomorrow so I’ll get to work on that. We are planning on hanging out for this rest of the day and maybe even heading to my dads for an afternoon dip. Tonight is up in the air. Either we will be going out to eat (since Date night got cancelled last night waaa) or having leftovers. Either way I’m happy 🙂

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: We can live in harmony with our anxiety.

What’s your daily healthy thought? What is the highlight of your day? What is your current fruit obsession?


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Seriously, since getting home Monday my days have been non-stop! I guess I’m just lucky I had all that relaxation time while we were away. And this hectic-ness won’t be over till Sunday! Oh well, plenty of water, sleep, exercise and proper nutrition will definitely help.

Today I taught a Body Step class and then quickly showered and got ready (15 mins!) before heading to work (I feel like I never leave this place sometimes!). Now, I know I don’t normally work Thursdays but since I’m covering a few extra shifts whilst other employees are away I had to. Plus, I don’t mind because it gives me plenty of time to catch up on blogs, do some of my own blogging, lesson plan study (woo..) and earn some extra $$$$.

I’ve got one more Body Step class to teach tonight and I’m looking forward to that after I meet the bf for some dvd player shopping. I swear that boy loves spending money as soon as he gets it haha! Oh and speaking of spending money… guess who has 30-80% off gymwear!? Rockwear! I might pop in there quickly tomorrow after my therapist appointment and before heading to work. My bank account and wallet are already nervous haha 😉

If you’ve been perusing the blog lately, you’ll see I’ve done some minor updates on the Inspiration & Motivation page, Recipe page, About me page and the home page. I’ve not only created a new email for you to contact me on! (bekatcrave@gmail.com); but I’ve also finally got with the times, and made Pinterest & Twitter accounts for the blog (links to follow on the homepage).

Now when I’ve said I’ve created them… well that’s basically all I’ve done- for now that is. I am a huge newbie to these types of social media- so tips are welcome guys! I have so much to learn. As I get more use to these mediums I’m sure you’ll be seeing plenty more of them around here, and plenty more of me on them… confused? haha. I guess instagram and facebook are next right? Woowa, baby steps people… I’ll get there.

Familiar? I promise I’m not that bad.


All this talk of technology makes me think about how much time we waste on it. Well not necessarily waste, but how much time we use up being on it. I mean the time just flies by! The hours that can go by when we blog, read blogs, twitter (how to twitter?! haha), peruse pinterest and snoop on facebook (why, I never). Do you ever get technology anxiety? I know I do, that’s why I’ve only subscribed to a certain amount of blogs- because for some reason getting the new post emails and having 20 in there, opposed to the 6 or 7 I usually do is way too much for me to handle. I’d much rather subscribe to the ones I absolutely love and then just click on the other blogs (they are saved to my bookmarks) whenever I get the time too. I actually do this with a few of the blogs that I LOVE and find it allows me to fit it in whenever I can, instead of feeling like that un-read email is staring at me. It’s usually during a time that I don’t have much going on, so I end up going through 5 or 6 of their posts and then wanting more to read! Haha.

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: Although we must learn to live with anxiety and stress, we should always try to reduce it when possible. Your body and mind will thank you.

Do you have pinterest or twitter? Let’s follow each other! Teach me how!? Do you get technology anxiety and guilt?

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