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Ahh Saturday the day that starts with Body Step, Body Pump and a Strawberry Protein Slice– and the day that will end with a little trip away, but more on that later. So you know how my day started, let’s see how it progressed from there. There’s been plenty of study and work being done (yawn) but also plenty of:



  • Oh and with breakfast & water, it’d be only customary to have my daily vitamins. St John’s Wort & my daily Multi. (Loving the bulk purchase- thanks to the awesome deal I snagged the other week).


  • Oh and did you notice something special about my oats today? Well I ran out of my raw honey (will hopefully grab some at markets tomorrow) and bought some Macro Organic Honey to try (same brand as my pb and ab). Oh my, it’s the most beautiful flavour! Super sweet. Definitely recommend it.


Basically that’s my day. I’ve completed all my lesson plans for week 1 and about half for week 2- I’m awaiting a reply from my prac teacher to the massive email (not exaggerating) I sent her earlier before I continue on (just so I don’t do something wrong and waste lotsa time and effort). I’ve got some work to do on my resources but that can probably wait haha. I plan to paint my nails (this colour again!) but not sure if I’ll do that at work or in the car (multi-tasking or what!?).

Why in the car you might ask? Well for the long weekend the bf and I are road tripping it down to his parents! I am seriously so looking forward to it. I love seeing them, spending time with them, playing typical family games, eating the mum-in law’s yummies, going to the markets (fav ever!), taking long walks with the MIL, beachin’ it, fishing, and just relaxing and getting away from it all. Oh plus, check out the view we get

Their house is directly opposite the river! So peaceful 🙂 Not sure whether or not I’ll get internet or very good coverage- so if I am quiet around here I promise I won’t be gone for long 🙂

Oh and to get you even more jealous, date night is having a plus two tonight where we will be meeting up with the bf’s parents at a gorgeous pub that’s on the way to their house. We went their on our last trip and the food, decor, service and atmosphere was phenomenal (pecan pie- converted the bf and woodfire pizza to die for).

It’s times like this that I am thankful every now and again (yes it happens even if it is a rarity) I can get away from everything and relax. I think it’s the times where we relax, not only our body but also our mind by getting away from our demanding schedules (kids, work, commitments etc) that we really re-energize and spark those fires. So once we get back into it we have a new energy and passion for it all over again- that’s after the damn post-relax stage, where we don’t want to get back to the real world…haha!

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: It’s important to relax and recover our entire-self, this includes your mind and body.

What’s your daily healthy thought? Are you doing anything for the long weekend? Where is your favourite place to get away from it all?


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