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Things are heating up around here- in the literal sense. I am sweating, sticking,  heating and in all kinds of uncomfortable thanks to a little combination of a heatwave and work. Upstairs at work behind the counter is the hottest place in this joint, and it just so happens to be where I spend majority of my time.

Apart from the excessive heat I also had an early wake up (5:15am to be exact!) for a Body Step class at 6am. I’m always surprised at the number of dedicated steppers who choose to turn up at ridiculous and get their sweat on-hardcore! I’m also quite antsy to get reviewing Body Step 90- however I haven’t  taught the athletic track yet and I wanted to wait till I’d also done that…hmm I might just have to review the athletic another time because Body Step 90 is too good not to share.

After that fantastic class I came home to shower and try and sneak in 40 minutes of sleep before my next alarm went off. Unfortunately I’m just not one of those people who can sleep like that. My boyfriend though? Ugh yeh, he can do 20 minute power naps like nobodies business. After resting my eyes it was breakfast time and off to do a weight session. Since starting I’ve increased my chest weight slightly and I’ve increased my squat weight! Only slightly but hay an increase is still an increase right?



Then it was the time I’ve been eagerly waiting for- Body Balance. Speaking of, expect a review of the newest release in the am! It felt AMAZING to stretch, twist, balance, deepen, lengthen, crunch and relax. Oh and yes, today I was that person who once the class finished- relaxation was done- and we were all sitting upright chose to immediately lie back down in a huddle wishing relaxation was still going.

Before work I also managed to keep that ‘downtime’ vibe going with a 10 minute read of my current book– Perfect Match.

photo 2-21

I finally managed to ‘get into it’ since I read more than one page (ha that’ll do the trick) and I look forward to getting deeper into the pages.

I also sent off my registration for Body Attack training at the end of this month! I am beyond excited.

photo 1-26

photo 2-27

We are only in the first full week of January and I’m already excited about what this year brings. In saying that though I’m making sure to be present as much as possible (instead of getting lost in future). Bring on 2013 a year of growth, goals and happiness! (and baking!)

And something to leave you with…



What are you looking forward to this year? What have you done for your body today?

Daily Healthy Thought: I love my body!


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Happy New Years Eve!


Myself and 12 (or so) others started their New Years Eve day off with a 5:45am Body Step class. I guess people were keen to get a kick start on their resolutions. As usual I ended up sweaty and full of endorphins. I’ve got a 9:20am coming my way soon. Note to self: Must foam roll.


With tonight most probably not being an early night- anything past nine thirty is not early- I probably should have a nap sometime today, before all the shenanigans start to happen. 5am wake ups aren’t really my thing and we went over a friends last night which meant I went to bed a little later. Oh well, YOLO.

In other exciting news I have recently become a member of Healthy Living Blogs! After spending time checking out their Blog Tip Thursday posts, reading many of their Friday Features and not to mention using their huge healthy blog database to suss out some fantastic healthy blogs- you know to fill those boring work hours- I finally decided to become a part of it all.

It’s early days for now but I can’t wait to get into it all. If you’re unsure whether you want to become a member or not why not read a little more about it or if you simply want to follow the crowd and showcase your blog then come on over and join us!




Plus with 2013 just around the corner HLB already has set some amazing goals (these are my kind of people!)- to reach 2013 members before 2013! If you’d like to be a part of it (and we would love you to) check out the members page which will give you all the nitty gritty on what you have to do to became a member. And if you’re feeling extra generous why not mention the fantastic individual (Bek @ Crave) who referred you!

Healthy Living Blogs is a database for blogs who are even a tiny bit remotely health orientated. Whether you give advice about diet and exercise, talk about your health, focus on mental health, share fantastic healthy (and not so healthy-moderation remember) recipes or just maintain your blog as an exercise log you’ll fit right in with the rest of us who are healthy living obsessed. The best kind of obsessed, right?

I’m off to cook the boy and myself breakfast! I’ll speak to you once more in 2012 before seeing you in the new year (depending on your time zone of course).

What are your plans for NYE? 

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