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Hands up if you like love nut butters!

Could not even help myself…I want one.



Can you see both my hands up, waving about? Yup, that’s true love and obsession right there.

See I’ve always loved peanut butter. In the early days it was the salty, oil induced, sugary kind and then it merged to the ‘low fat’ kind and eventually I found my way to the natural (and best) type.

macro organic smooth peanut butter_100x183


It started as a crunchy love affair and somehow morphed into a smooth romance. The smooth is much easier to spread and you get so much more!

Then I read a whole bunch of healthy blogs and saw this outrageous thing called Almond Butter and knew I had to have it.

And have it I did and still do.



I’ve even had the opportunity to try an outrageously overpriced sachet of Cashew butter which was pretty underwhelming. It’s really not that great. But want to know a nut butter that is great? Walnut Butter!


And what’s even more exciting is how I made it, wait for it- with the Vitamix! That’s right, you thought my Vitamix posts were done. You were (luckily) wrong.

It’s ridiculously easy to make too, especially if you’re lucky enough to own a Vitamix. Actually you could just about butter any nut you’d like! (See what I did there).

Any-Nut Butter

As little or as much as you want.

  1. Grab your nuts of choice (oh I won’t even go there). Walnuts were mine this time.
  2. Place in Vitamix or another powerful food processor/blender.
  3. Blend until desired consistency.

Spread, spoon, dip, lick and try not to cut your fingers getting every last scrape from around or under the blade.

What’s your favourite type of nut butter? Natural peanut butter will always be my number 1 love.


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Ahhh what a glorious day! I hope you’re all as happy as me 🙂 If not, get boosting 😉 My Saturday is the usual- body pump and step class and now work where I’ve been busy studying!

I haven’t got much of a central topic to discuss today but instead I’ve got a million different things going through my head- so I thought I’d ramble and share them all with you. Aren’t you luck you get to listen to read this rubbish finely written and interesting posts? 😉

  • Online shopping is a terrible yet fantastic thing. Lorna Jane has a 20% off sale- I had to share because I couldn’t keep it all to myself! If you haven’t grabbed some bargains yet then I give you permission to pause reading, shop and then continue on reading. Click here for some hot gymwear bargains! Check out what I’ve grabbed myself- yes this was after telling myself yesterday that I need to stop spending money (evidence that don’t language does the complete opposite!)- two more bottoms. Both of them pink! Can’t help myself okay 😉

Ahhh too much cuteness.

  • It’s a happy sad moment reaching the end of your nut butter jars. It means you get to polish that baby clean, and almond butter is so good when it’s that doughy texture (I think from lack of oil). But it also means no more nut butter! Lucky tomorrow is grocery day 😉


  • I’ve finally gotten round to painting my toenails! And I plan to do my fingernails later today with the new colour I got thanks to the awesome deals at Chemist Warehouse.

I was actually debating putting this up since I have the nastiest looking feet known to man… and this is the good part.

I love Rimmel London nail polishes because they are quick drying, affordable, have an awesome colour range and the application brushes are wide and easy to use. It’s actually the only nailpolish I’ve bought in the last year (atleast!)

  • I’m so excited to be getting the new IPhone 5 on Monday. I’ve been able to upgrade for a while but didn’t bother because I had the IPhone 4 and wasn’t overly interested in the 4S. I decided to go with white this time and can’t wait! I think I’ll sell my 4 and use the money for..

  • …My AIM 1 training for Body Step. AIM stands for advanced instructor module and is a one day training session that focuses on technique and coaching key elements. You all know how crazy I am about Body Step, so I’d love to have the opportunity to grow and develop as an instructor.


  • I really want to dye my hair a different colour. I’m a natural redhead (though orangehead would be more appropriate) and for the past 4 or so years I’ve dyed it a very dark brown to the point where the colour has built up and it’s almost black. I’ve just simply had enough and feel like a change. I’d like to go a light/medium brown or dark auburn type colour. I’m thinking something like this.

What do you think?

  • I’m loving my beautiful little Dotti and her naughty little ways. We go through these beds (they go inside their kennel at night) very frequently and have actually started to take it from them during the day so she doesn’t rip it to shreds. Haha, she didn’t learn her lesson though- getting stuck in it once doesn’t deter Dotti 😉

Not quick enough!


Well what a very ‘all over the shop’ type post. But it was a bit of fun wasn’t it?

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: Being nice to yourself makes it easier to be nice to others.

Is there a random rambling you’d like to share? Are you hopping on the Iphone 5 train too? Do you online shop? What’s your daily thought?

Yup lots of different topics means plenty of questions- gotta try and get you guys chatting some time soon 😉

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