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Home sweet home

It’s great being away and relaxing with loved ones, but there’s just something about being at home and knowing you don’t have to travel a few hours in the car again (anytime soon). For the first time (I think) I drove home from NSW, since the bf usually likes to as it’s his car… and he sometimes gets nervous with me, pa-lease buddy- I’m a pro. I enjoyed driving for a chance, apart from the pain in the butt it can be- literally… my butt was aching! Before that we spent a few more precious hours with the in laws, that included a delicious breakfast, chilling, walks and fishing.

My breakfast was a favourite of mine that the MIL makes- roast vegetables rolled in cous cous! (Super simple recipe to come) Usually it’s served with a vinaigrette but I choose to have it dressing-less for breakfast, with a side of a whole meal wheat thin- one half for scooping and the other half covered half and half with pb and ab, chia seeds and 1/2 banana sliced.

A very satisfying breakfast- probably my favourite meal all weekend (thus far hehe). So satisfying that I didn’t need to eat till lunch! (Being hungry and sore while driving? Not ideal!  Especially whilst someone snores away 😉 Poor bubba haha).

After that pain in the butt drive we got home to not a whole lot- thanks to someone not doing the grocery shopping whilst we were gone haha (everything falls apart without ms. control freak aka moi). So that was another thing we did this arvo (slowly coming back to reality). However, I made do with what we had and went breakfast for lunch style with a vegie scramble and toast with pb, ab, chia seeds and 1/2 banana sliced (lotsa vegies today!).

I’ve done some tweaking of assignments this arvo and since the house is going to be pretty full with visitors (plus the bf and I are in that post-relaxing stage where we are easily overwhelmed) we thought we might head out for some one on one date night time. I suggested Grill’d and he is gung ho on Wagaya- we shall see where we end up. Either way, you know I’ll be happy 🙂

What was your best meal this weekend? What did you get up to this weekend?


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for moments like these..

beautiful views, even when it’s overcast


cooky signs at Nimbin- lovin’ it

vegie breakfast- 2 poached eggs, pumpkin, mushrooms, tomato and eggplant… too bad it’s drenched in oil. A waste of beautiful vegies (does this make anyone else feel icky)

a dead snack that’s not quite dead..haha

lennox markets- stop 2 (nimbin markets were a flop fyi)

TENS therapy- shocks your muscles and feels crazy

a light lunch- wholemeal wheat thin with 2 slices ham, cucumber, tomato and mushys

homegrown strawberries- far better than store bought mmm. pick ’em, then eat em’!

Now for grand final footy watching and more relaxing. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

What did your Sunday look like?

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