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My day started with not enough sleep…but that’s nothing a Grit Strength, Body Attack and CXWORX class won’t fix 😉




After the warm up of Grit I felt abruptly awake. Like Body Step, the classes I did this morning were also launches for their new releases. I loved them all, I mean how could I not- it’s Les Mills! Although none quite lived up to Body Step 90. I can’t wait to bring you my reviews and hear your thoughts also. Feel free to check out my other reviews for past releases of Les Mills programs on the Group Fitness page.

My day also started with a bit of a cooking fail but luckily it wasn’t my food (does that not sound selfishly terrible!). I enjoyed a piece of wholegrain toast with vegemite and an egg with a side of vegie scramble. Unfortunately, for some odd reason my boyfriend’s breakfast didn’t go to plan. We were hoping to relive our Eggs Benedict sensation we had a while back but the recipe was just not working for us today. Instead of hollandaise sauce he went with the second best thing(s) according to him- bbq sauce and aioli.

We then hurried off to do the weekly grocery shop. For some reason I feel so calm and at peace at this new grocery precinct. It’s not overly chaotic and also has a nearby fruit shop, butcher, chicken shop, chemist and bakery. It’s heaven for a foodie (and organisation freak) like me. The highlights of the shop would have to be the raw natural peanuts (you’ll see why), the tuna (craving this like crazy lately!) and the $1 a punnet strawberries (how could you go wrong).

We also popped to a larger shopping centre to get in some Christmas shopping and pay our final amounts for our Europe vacation next year. We have officially paid everything and I cannot wait! I had planned to get some Christmas stuff too, but I walked into one department store only to walk straight back out again. The lines were ludicrous. I like the hustle and bustle but waiting in a line that size when you’re hungry? Not going to happen. I think I’ll wait till everyone goes back to work during the week and try then.

Sooooo that reason that the peanuts were such a highlight?

photo 2-9

Some of you nut butter lovers would have already put it together but for those who need it spelt out- I made my own natural peanut butter today! And oh my god, this is where it’s at. So smooth, creamy and healthy! I kneel down to the lord of blenders- The Vitamix!

It was so simple and so quick- which is good for those of us who are impatient and don’t like waiting around, especially for nut butters.

photo 1-10

I love how the plunger-type device is the perfect size so it doesn’t reach the blade but carries out its’ purpose. They literally thought of everything.

Have you ever made your own nut butter? Is grocery shopping a mad rush for you or do you enjoy it?

Daily Healthy Thought: I will look after myself.

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Dolled up

Oh no, it’s that time again- the night before we all go back to work. I tell ya, I hope these next two weeks go quick- because that’ll mean prac is done and dusted, I’ll have the week off to study for one exam and then…it’s holiday time! Woohoo!

Last night was exactly what I needed, and I even managed to get a relatively early night (10pm!). The crappy weather today also meant that no bright sun was there to wake me up- which meant I slept until 7ish, when the bf got up and on the computer, and then managed to get back to sleep until 8 when my alarm went off! I still felt like I could have had more but Body Attack was calling and I knew I’d kick myself if I missed out on that fun (still convinced that Body Attack training might be my new door!). After that I had to rush home super quick to get ready for professional photos with the bf’s family. Unfortunately, I have absolutely rank looking regrowth as I’m trying to grow it out before I get it re-dyed a new colour. I’m still liking this colour, but I’m actually even contemplating keeping my natural colour and putting foils or highlights through it. Anyways, I’ve got 3 weeks to think it through so I might do some more googling before then (any good hair colour websites?!). But anyways, back to the rank regrowth (alliteration) guess what came to the rescue, in true upper market style… mascara! Haha, worked a treat 😉 Before the photos though someone needed breakfast after that gruelling class!

One wholemeal english muffins, one half with 2 thin slices of turkey & soft egg, and the other with 1/2 pb + 1/2 ab, chia seeds, oats and banana slices. A new combo and I was definitely impressed.

Oh and speaking of food, check out last night’s Grill’d dinner! It was so GOOD, as usual.

Sorry for the side tracking, back to today. Whilst we were all dolled up and looking good, we thought we’d take the opportunity to take a couple of happy snaps of our own 😉

After the pain gruelling time that was getting the professional photos done…ha! (Nah it wasn’t that bad, but gosh photographers are picky) We had a date with our travel agent and on the way there we saw this cute guy- he wanted to come home with us.

The travel agent went great too! Our travel plans? All organised! Here’s what is now happening. We’ve postponed the trip by 3 weeks so I can do an intensive subject before I go, and we will be leaving for London the next day! We’ll spend a few days there before starting our Contiki tour, which runs for 2 weeks. After that we’ve got just over a week on our own where we will be extending our amsterdam stay for 2 nights and then spending a week in Paris! Then it’s home to Brisbane. I’m seriously so excited! Bye bye money and hello experiences!

Anyways, I’m off to relax before school tomorrow- we’ve got a swimming carnival, plus I’ve got an early Body Step class!

Ps. Keep your eyes peeled for some yummy & healthy recipes this week!

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: I’ll get nowhere if I don’t love myself.

Have you got any up and coming travel plans?

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