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I recently reflected on my life and where I was till now (<— I’m even better than that now!), and why I did it. By the way, those posts are dark (so please don’t read if it could risk being a trigger to you) and I guess that just reflects my life at that time- dark, dull and basically lifeless. Oh how the times have changed. I owe a lot of that to this blog- Crave, you- the readers, my therapist, other healthy blogs and bloggers, my partner and my family & friends. However, what I want to highlight is the impact of reading a spot-on blog post that I could just relate to, and how it could oddly cause such a change in my way of thinking and ultimately, my life.

I thought today I’d do a round up of a different kind- I’d bring together the posts I’ve written as I struggled through my ED (restriction, bingeing etc), anxiety and depression. This is a post purely for you, well and I guess for me too… I want to share these with you so you can bookmark it, pin it or whatever it is you want to do, so that when you’re having a tough time you have these here ready to help you. I want to be that source of help for you, as so many were for me. I am determined to make that difference. I want you to be able to read these posts knowing you’re not alone in this, you’re not going to struggle through it without anyone, and that you will make it out the other end- and be better for it!

So here we go, from me to you. [Prepare for an overwhelmingly large amount of links]

I’m terribly sorry for the overload of links but feel free to read all, some or none. I just wanted to make sure I shared all the ones that I think really matter- if you’re after more click on A Helping Hand. I hope this meets you in a good place, or atleast takes you there. If you need to talk please contact me at bekatcrave [at] gmail.com



How have you made a difference? What has made a difference to your life?

Daily Healthy Thought: No matter how insignificant or small I may be, I can make a difference.


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