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Goodbye 2012, hello 2013- and as a a lovely lady mentioned, here’s to new discoveries.

I brought in the new year surrounded by beautiful friends and my sexy guy.

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It started with a few drinks at our house with friends before heading into the City to meet up with others.

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My last drinking session was about a month ago at my partners Christmas party (I usually only drink special occasions) and knew that it didn’t take much to feel crappy and unable to functional the next day, so I made the responsible decision to get plenty of h2o in, limit my drinks and get some decent food into me beforehand- which in this case was a 6inch wheat subway with roasted chicken, lettuce, swiss cheese, carrot, capsicum, cucumber and onion. Thankfully it paid off because I am feeling great today apart from being a bit sleepy.

I woke up around 7 only to go back to sleep till 9am, which felt fantastic. Then I got up to clean the house up and prepare a bacon and egg breakfast for our visitors. After spending some time reminiscing and enjoying each others company I started on my breakfast of wholegrain toast with vegemite topped with a soft boiled egg, and an oatcake.

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The bf was a bit worse for weather than me, so we decided to keep it easy today and hire Jersey Shore season 3- to continue the obsession– and spend the day lounging about. Lunch for me was a simple egg curry sandwich, but god it was good. The curry sauce was the same I used when I reworked our favourite potato salad- equal amounts of chobani 0% & light italian dressing, with a bit of fat free mayonnaise and enough curry powder to make it yellow (according to taste).

I also finished off the last of the watermelon today. Ahhhh soo good.

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Not sure what dinner will look like tonight but whatever it is it’ll be accompanied by some more Jersey Shore.

What’s your favourite thing to do on a lazy day?

Daily Healthy Thought: I am strong enough.


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Happy Sunday! Can you believe 2013 is almost upon us? It’s crazy how fast this year has gone.

This morning I did a Grit Strength class- the most recent release, and I just so happened to forget how friggin hard it was. Then a Body Attack class followed. I was a bit sore since  I’ve been a bit slack the past 2 days with foam rolling, thanks to the holidays and all that. So I came home and immediately got my roll on.

Around this joint Sundays are usually the only days we do pancakes and today I was really feeling one. I didn’t just want pancakes for breakfast so I compromised by having a piece of wholegrain toast topped with vegemite and a soft boiled egg. Saaa good. Then on the side I had one Oatcake.

The Oatcake was an eggless version of my Greek Yogurt Pancakes, and since it wasn’t overly fluffy or pancake-like I wouldn’t classify it as a pancake- therefore I introduce to you, The Oatcake.

I blended together, in my Vitamix, 1/4 cup of oats, enough 0% plain Chobani, 1/4 tsp of baking powder and some water to get everything moving about. Then I cooked it as you would a pancake and topped it with 1/2 banana sliced and a sprinkle of Natvia.

It was that good that I actually didn’t remember to grab a photo till I was half way through it. Oh and don’t judge, oatcakes are the ugly ducklings of pancakes. But it’s the taste what’s inside that counts right?


Today we will duck to the shops to do a mini grocery shop, meet up with some friends again to go to the Quarry, watch some more Jersey Shore, foam roll again, do some pre-new years eve cleaning, and just enjoy the beautiful sunny Sunday we’ve been given!

Do you judge food based on its’ appearance or are you a proud ‘ugly food’ eater?

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