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Okay, so the Stampede is long gone I know (so last Saturday people), but I did say I’d share the official photos when they were up. I am one to stick to my word 😉 But first, if you want to read about my Stampede adventure or check out other posts you can here:

Here are a few shots I sneakily may have taken from the event photographer. Oh and yes, there is also a photo of a photo- so excuse the quality. Ps. I wish they had snaps of the volts at the end- those shots would have been priceless.

This is before we got down and dirty muddy. Did you guess this was the photo of a photo? Haha.

It was seriously so much fun- just check out those huge grins.

Grins are gone and I’ve realised how annoying it is to crawl through mud whilst your hair gets stuck in barbed wire (mud hurts- it is not soft and gooey like you think). Ps. That baggy shirt was no good. It soaked up everything and became so heavy (along with the shoes). Oh and tiny short shorts- no good either. Next time, I’ll be rethinking my entire outfit. I’ll be going for functionality and comfortability first and foremost haha.
Perhaps the worst photo of me ever. I’m loving my fluro, retro look with the gloves (channeling the 80s) as I jump (boogie?) over fire! I am a bit of a wuss I will admit.

Rope climbing, after walking through ice buckets. Robe burn and freezer burn. Double the burn! Might I add this is before the bf decided- oh stuff this I’ma just roll down it. Bad idea bro. Ps. Loving my body shot -.-

Perhaps the funniest photo in existence. I don’t know why I find it so hilarious. But I think it has something to do with his legs as they leap haha! LOL.

There are/were more photos. One of the bf’s colleague had a really neat idea to buy 5 cheap, disposable cameras to use before and during the race. The bf and I had one and tried our best to salvage it, but unfortunately the camera people couldn’t get any shots from it- which is a real shame because there were some keepers 😉 One camera was the designated ‘before race’ camera and that survived since it didn’t actually go out onto the course. I’ve only seen one shot (the photo of a photo haha) from that camera, but I am hoping to see some more soon. And yes, we are hoping to register again for next year- this time the 10km! Cannot wait 🙂

Which is your favourite photo?

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves, and not take life too seriously. I’m loving how my thoughts are tying in with my post themes lately 😉


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Well what a day we have had. And I’m so excited to share it with all of you.

Where do we begin? If you’re interested I wrote a pre-race post earlier today so you might want to check that out before you read the rest of this post- you can find it here.

We were in a bit of a rush, even though we woke up with plenty of time. But we made sure to get in a quick shot of our costumes before they became mudcatchers.

I definitely think we dressed appropriately to the team name- Fluro Freaks. After travelling the the two hours it took to get there we arrived at Woodfordia, where The Stampede was being held. After we got a park we headed in to meet up with the rest of the team and grab our race tags and other necessary registration stuff.

The atmosphere was buzzing and we enjoyed checking out the different costumes, the clean people and the not-so-clean people. We made sure to slip, slop and slap with the sunscreen because I was definitely not dealing with this again. We checked out some of the sponsored stalls and grabbed the bf a pre-race carb-load snack. He opted for an extremely overpriced but delicious chicken schnitzel wrap. I must admit, the few bites I had were quite good. 12:20pm was fast approaching and we had to make our way to the race start, where we found ourselves right at the front 😉 There was a pre-race warm up for everyone at the start line which consisted of a zumba track.

Then came the buzzer and we were off! Immediately I regretted the tiny shorts and the non-running shoes. It was slippery as we ran (thanks to the rocks), and dust was flying everywhere as it was disturbed. The first obstacle we came across was some bails of hay and wire for us to climb over and under. After lots of running (up hills mind you!), my calves and achilles were screaming for me to take it easy. So I listened to my body and made sure I enjoyed the race rather than pushed myself. The next obstacle was crazy! It required us to run over these floating barrels over water and then jump into the water. Oh my- the moment my body hit the water intense cold washed over my body, my shoes soaked up all it could and weighed me done, and I forgot how to swim. Well, not really- but the event volunteer felt the need to cue me with ‘swimming arms’. So drenched and slightly muddy we made our way through the funnest obstacle- the foam pit! This would be most ideal at the end of the race- so you could wash off. I’m not sure about the rest of the order but there was mazes, dark caverns, human windows, tunnels, cars/wreckages to climb through and over, and mud! So much mud. We were literally covered on every inch of our body with mud. And you’d think crawling through the mud under barb wires would be soft and gooey- but no my knees and hands are scratched and bruised thanks to miscellaneous pieces inthe mud and the tiny little rocks that are surprisingly painful. When we reached the huge slip and slide there was a HUGE line. We were told the wait would be roughly 40 minutes, or there was an option to skip this obstacle and continue on. We decided we’d rather not stand in the sun and continue to burn/waste time (especially when we could go to Wet n Wild and go on endless slip and slides). So on we went to finish the race. I actually felt personally targeted at one point at the water hose obstacle- around 3/4 fireman were standing there blaring their hoses, when my lovely bf told them to ‘pick on me’. Let me tell you, those things hurt! Speaking of pain- those bugzappers? Grossly misnamed- human zappers is much more appropriate because they are crazy painful! It’s amazing how out of control your body gets! It was absolutely the funniest thing watching the bf and his mate go through them first. I may have accidentally cursed my way entirely through that obstacle- did I mention that was right at the finish line? Oh and I got interviewed after asking how it was- I was still in shock at the time so embarrassingly I just half-answered with a profanity. One of my finest moments.

But we regretted none of it! It was a total hoot and I can’t wait to do it next year. However, after the race was not quite as fun. Mud was in every crevice possible (chaffing yeh?), it had begun to dry and made my entire body tight. I had a mud helmet covering my hair as well as some fashionable dreadlocks. It’s a bit hard to see in the picture below but even as we were driving I was picking hardened bits of mud out of my hair! We discussed how this is literally the dirtiest we have ever been!

Don’t be fooled! The face is only clean thanks to wet wipes.

Did I mention this is after we had rinsed off at the hoses?

We can’t wait to go next year and see what they have in stock for us!

DAILY HEALTHY THOUGHT: Life doesn’t always go to plan. I will learn to make the best of every situation.

What’s your daily healthy thought? Have you ever done something like this or would you?

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