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My name is Rebecca and I’m a labeller.

I have an addiction to labelling.

Okay…so it’s not quite an addiction and don’t get confused thinking it’s me with one of those labelling machine (albeit they are awesome) going all out on everything I can get my hands on.




It’s something which many, if not all, of us do at some points in our lives- we label.

Not convinced?

Ever googled your symptoms in hope to get a diagnosis?

Went to a professional to have them slot you into a category?

Or, perhaps you’ve spent time looking for someone like you in hope that they can tell you what the heck is going on.

In each instance we’re after answers. And that answer often comes in the form of a label. But why are we searching for that label? Because it brings us hope that there have been others who’ve going through it, that there’s a treatment/solution and hopefully they’ll hold a miracle answer to take away all the pain and struggle.

We label in the hope that it’ll bring us answers, that it’ll guide us to do the right thing, that it will ease the suffering we ma be enduring (regardless of how minor or major). It also brings us comfort in knowing that we fit in somewhere, even if that somehow happens to be an unfortunate circumstance. You feel better knowing where it is you belong, opposed to not having a label for what you’ve got/what you’re dealing with.

I’m not really sure where these thoughts came from, and actually they popped up yesterday while I was waiting at the traffic lights (I am a safe driver guys!). I guess my philosophical thinking hat has been buzzing since I spoke about Getting Rid of the Rules and Whatever Will Be Will Be. I’m not saying it’s a good or bad thing- that’s not the point. However, I am highlighting the fact that we  do do it, what may drive us to do it and what repercussions happen because of it.




What happens when we label? In some instances we close the door on other possibilities and perhaps disadvantage ourselves in the long term. Think of it this way- you can fake it till you make it, just like you can label yourself into something worse than it actually is. Or maybe the label brings you better help, a friendly face who can emphasis and pushes you forward in the right direction.

What are your thoughts on this post? What do you think of labels? Do you label?

Daily Healthy Thought: I am at 100%.


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Last night I mentioned that sometimes I feel compelled to take about issues that are a little different (whether it by via inspiration or not). I feel so privileged and blessed to have this blog and my readers, that it’s not enough for me to hog these philosophical thinkings- yep they’re philosophy worthy (ha!) and to merely ponder it all in my head. It’s time to reveal it to you and hopefully get a new insight or some feedback on it. It’s all about personal growth around here 😉

I don’t remember where and cannot recall when but this thought has stuck with me- so I’m guessing I see some importance in it. It could also possibly be a bit controversial. Nonetheless I wanted to share this thought with you and my musings on it.

It went something like this:

Those who are faithful are often the happiest. (Or possibly could have been more along the lines of- those who are religious are often the happiest).

Regardless as I prepped food in my work kitchen this thought once again popped into my head. This time I questioned it- why?

Personally, I think it was more to do with the fact that these people who believe in a higher power, are religious, have faith etc are more likely to have an attitude of whatever will be will be. Whatever beliefs they have they are at peace with whatever happens in their lives.



I am Catholic, after recently going through my RCIA and previously being baptised Anglican. However, I would not belittle those who are by saying I am overly religious- I’m not. But I do have faith, beliefs and values.

What I’m trying to do here is decipher how and why the above saying came about. And where do I get me some of that? (Without going against who I am).

It’s about dropping that level of control, the what-ifs, the over thinking, the wishing, the living in the past that we so often become slaves too. It’s about living out every moment that comes your way and being grateful for each and every one.



It’s not about going against beliefs and converting to different religions or joining a church (necessarily unless this is what you’re into). Becoming ‘religious’ will not give you a ticket to live peacefully and happily. You can’t take an easy way out.

This has definitely left an imprint in my brain and hopefully at the same time established some momentum.

Bring on a life full of living and whipping butt on those 2013 goals and resolutions– and whatever else comes our way.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Daily Healthy Thought: I will learn to work with my anxiety and deal with whatever gets thrown my way.

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