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I’ve wanted the special man in my life to do a guest post on my blog for a while now. But what on? Well finally it hit me (and right in time too). I’ve gone on many times about how much of a typical, ordinary, normal eater he is, and how I wish I could replicate his eating patterns (in the meantime realising everyone will have different eating patterns and ‘normal’ would be different for each person according to body type, make up, activity etc). I thought it’d be really interesting to get an insight into the world of a typical normal eater (yes this is for my benefit also). I’ve written about it, but since my past (and perhaps at times current) eating habits are not always healthy or normal I can only say so much. Without further ado here’s the man who has done so much for me, doing a little more by bringing us into his very own food world.


Hi guys,

You may think you know me from the many mentions I’ve got on this blog, but to properly introduce myself- I’m Simon. And I’m the guy that often keeps Bek grounded, sane and from going off into a tizzy.

I will admit I’m a little nervous and not sure how to start. So let’s just jump right into it. This is how a normal (I guess I’m normal? What is normal? Hmm) person eats- ie. me.

First off I don’t care about my weight and how it looks when I eat this or that, so that probably makes it easy for me to eat whatever I want. Basically the act of diffusing the connection between food and obsessions about weight and judgment really takes away the many emotions we feel before, during and after eating (yep, that’s Bek’s 2 cents there if you couldn’t tell ha!).

In terms of my health, I am as Bek describes, the anti-exerciser and anti-health food eater. Although Bek has managed to con me a few times with her healthier dishes- which mind you don’t taste healthy at all (luckily). I’m not overweight and I guess if you looked at me you’d say I was pretty slim. I think it has something to do with my muscle/fat make up or whatever because (as Bek whinges about) I can usually eat a chocolate lava cake (my favourite) and still have pretty good stomach/ab definition.

Most of my food choices are based on how I feel and what I feel like. Sometimes I’m super hungry but all I feel like eating is
doritos but we dont have any left (internal rage). I don’t really feel like eating anything else so I probably won’t eat for
another half hour till my mind changes (or till Bek forces me/suggests something). I don’t really think what you eat matters all that much because you’re going to be doing stuff throughout the day so the energy will get used up somehow.

I also eat how much I want.

Sometimes I’m eating something and I become really full, but I keep eating because it taste pretty friggin good. Then I end up pretty uncomfortably full but I don’t care because it was worth it. This coincides with Bek’s post about overeating and how it doesn’t always mean it’s a binge.

But then again sometimes I can be eating something awesome but I’m just not that hungry so I won’t eat as much- this can be an issue for the chef who occasionally takes offence 😛 Another thing about quantities of food is that I don’t stop eating chocolate after 4 or 8 pieces because I feel like I should because it’s ‘bad’, I stop because I’ve had enough of it. I’m also okay with getting more than one serving. I usually fill my plate with how much I think I’ll eat and if i need more I’ll just go get it. It’s all about satisfying myself- I don’t care if I have to go back for more 3 times, when I’m full I’ll stop.

My eating patterns are constantly changing but dont ask me why because to be honest, this post is the most i have thought about it. (Bek’s input- What normal people don’t think about their eating patterns/habits!?). I’d say the only issue with food and eating I have would be that I don’t like too eat too much greasy or sugary food incase I get pimples- but then again that probably wouldn’t stop me anyways haha! If I did end up eating it and felt a bit worried about a pimple break out or whatever I’d probably just reason with myself to have a big drink of water afterwards. It’s no big deal and I don’t really get hung up on it.

I have never had to worry about my weight or food because of my body type so it probably makes it a bit easier for me. But I also don’t worry about what people think.

Thanks for having me guys! Until next time.


Wow, was that an eye opener for you guys too? What really stood out to me was how much faith he had in himself and his body- when he is full, he will stop. The big thing I think is not about ‘not caring’ but just separating feelings of worthlessness, guilt, anxiety, depression and all that nasty stuff from food and eating. If you don’t EVER feel guilty when you eat, that extra piece of chocolate you snatched up won’t matter.

What stood out to you/was an eye opener?


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No the title does not mean a guest who happens to be food intolerant and is very entertaining to watch, listen to and admire. Although Kristy from Southern In-Law would definitely fit into that category. I have a wonderful guest post for you today from someone who knows much more than me about food intolerances (considering I know nothing would mean this isn’t hard). This girl lives and breathes intolerances and allergies- so if you’ve got it, she’ll know how to help you out.

Entertaining during the Holiday/Christmas season, well any season for that matter, can be a down right nightmare. Throw a nut allergy nephew and a gluten free cousin into the mixture and then you’ve got all kinds of stress. It’s hard enough cooking for people who eat anything! Lucky this girl has a few practical and life-learnt tips up her sleeve.


Hi there Crave readers! I’m Kristy and I blog over at Southern In-Law. I’ve been interested in healthy eating for what feels like forever. I was the weird kid who turned her nose up at McDonald’s and who was known to eat whole tomatoes with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper as a snack.

My love of healthy food and healthy eating (and my family’s not so healthy ways) meant that I was always asking my mum to help me in the kitchen to make delicious healthy meals and snacks. This love of cooking developed to where I no longer needed Mum and I was making my own recipes off the top of my head.

But then things changed. After almost 2 years of suffering from daily stomach pains, nausea, weight loss, appetite loss and other nasty symptoms – I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. I had to start learning how to cook all over again – forget breads, pastas and wholemeal flours, the game had changed.

But this diagnosis opened me up to a whole new world – and my family too. Often times people without coeliac disease or food intolerances don’t realise how serious it is. My family and friends will invite me over and tell me that “one slice of cake won’t kill you” – but little did they know that if I were to eat that slice of cake, within 6 or so hours, I’d have the stomach of a full-term pregnant woman, extreme nausea, headaches, stomach cramps, dizziness, fatigue and a whole bunch of other symptoms that just aren’t pretty.

With the holiday seasons, the hardest thing for me as someone with multiple food intolerances and coeliac disease is eating when outside of home – generally speaking, I don’t do it because I’ve gotten sick so many times – so Bec has asked me to share my tips on Entertaining (Food) Intolerant Guests.

   1. Know the Problem

When it comes to coeliac disease and other food allergies, the biggest issue is cross contamination. You may have prepared a delicious gluten free or nut free salad – but when you’ve used the same serving dishes for each salad, they’re no longer free of those allergens.

2.     Don’t Be a Food Pusher or Make the Person Feel Bad

Harsh, but I don’t know one person with a food allergy who hasn’t had this problem. When I first discovered my food allergies and intolerances, I was an emotional wreck – it sounds stupid, but when you realise that for the rest of your life you will always have to be careful with food, read labels, ask questions etc. it’s a hard pill to swallow. With my weakened emotional state, it only took one “Ugh Kristy, stop being so fussy” or “Just eat regular food like a normal person” to have me in a puddle of tears. People with food allergies and intolerances can’t help their problem – so don’t make them feel any worse.

As for food pushers – don’t use the old “but one piece won’t kill you” line – you end up making someone feel guilty for something they know they can’t do.

3.     Ask if There is Anything You Can Buy/Make

Ask your (food) intolerant friend or family member if there is anything you can prepare for them that everyone else can eat too – it may be as simple as having a gluten free dip with gluten free rice crackers or a fruit platter for dessert. Just be careful to avoid cross contamination. All of the recipes at my blog are adaptable for different food intolerances or needs – try simple healthy recipes like Low Fat Gingerbread Cookies, Healthy Double Chocolate Brownies and Gingerbread Muffins or a savoury dish such as Creamy Pesto Pasta.

4.     Don’t Feel Offended When They Ask to Bring Their Own Food

When you have allergies – the safest route is to do it yourself. If your guest offers to bring their own dish – don’t be offended! If they offer to bring a main dish and dessert you could also have a gluten free salad or side dish available and make a fresh fruit platter to accompany dessert.

I think that just about covers the basics – but of course each person has different needs. The main thing is – don’t be afraid to invite your friends over who may have food intolerances or allergies – they already feel alien enough! Take a look at how they host their own dinner parties or events and pick up some tips that you can use next time they come over.

Of course if you have any other questions – just pop on over to Southern In-Law and ask away!

So tell me – do you have any tips for entertaining friends/family with food intolerances/allergies?


A big thank you to the wonderful Kristy. Make sure you check this girl’s blog out because not only is she an amazing writer, as you can probably already tell, but is a whiz at photography. Plus she offers fantastic giveaways, product reviews, recipes and the daily insights into her life never fail to make me smile! 

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