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We’re still early in the year and many of us are still devising our New Year resolutions and goals, putting together Baking Lists and planning the events for the year to come.

If you’re anything like me you’re someone who loves to plan out your week’s (or possibly more than that) happenings. And you may even have a diary or planner, or several which you jot this all into.


Well, do I have a surprise for you. A lovely lady from Personal Planner contacted me the other day telling me about one of her fantastic products. Although I’m not a stationary girl per se, I’m a planner through and through- ask anyone.


But now planning has got a lot more appealing, because at Personal Planner you can do precisely that. Personalise your planner!


I had a little play around and took a few screenshots for you to check out. I have to say it was so easy to manoeuvre and I loved all the extra functions and add ons you could use.

The front cover can be personalised- which means I get to pink-ify everything!

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 1.09.28 PM

And it even allowed you to personalise the inside, add in a workout/training section to each day (or for the week) and place modules down the bottom, plus many more extras.

Screen shot 2013-01-14 at 1.09.19 PM

Being a list and organisational freak naturally I choose a To Do List and an Ideas section- which I thought would be perfect for making weekly goals or assigning a weekly motivation/inspiration!

Now the even better news. One of you lucky readers will get the chance to WIN one of these! Personal Planner has offered to send a lucky someone a gift card to personalise their very own planner with shipping included!

But before I get to that here’s a little blurb from Personal Planners themselves:

Would you like to add some colour to your workday at the same time as making your planner more efficient and that more personal? If so, Personal Planner got a great idea I think you’ll love!

Their planners provide you with endless design possibilities. You can change colour, text and design on front/back cover as well as inlay. There are also clever boxes for to-do list, gym session, preschool, idea of the week and weather. Friend’s and family member’s birthdays can also be added to the inlay directly from Facebook. They print and deliver the finished product directly to our your doorstep.  Here are a few things that I like about these planners:

  • Design the front/back cover
  • Tons of ways to design the inside to suit your style & needs.
  • Add friends & family members birthdays to the inlay
  • Choose between 4 different sizes
  • You pick the start date.
  • And best of all it’s fun and easy 🙂

There are multiple ways to enter, and anyone can enter! <–That means you!

To enter:

  1. Subscribe to Crave via the subscription box on the right sidebar, and leave a comment letting me know you did.
  2. Like Personal Planner on Facebook (Click here) and leave a comment saying you did.
  3. Like Crave on Facebook and comment saying you did after.
  4. Follow Crave on Twitter and comment saying you did after.

*Prize cannot be exchanged for money. Winner will be drawn via a random number generator- so the more entries the greater your chances. Competition starts Tuesday 15th January 8am and finishes the following Tuesday 22nd of January 8am. Delivery and shipping IS included.

Get entering guys! You’ve got a week to enter (so put that in your planners ha) and the more times you enter the greater your chances!

Are you a planner?

*** I was compensated for this post. However, that did not affect my opinions and thoughts, and as usual they are entirely my own .****

For more on Personal Planner visit their website or facebook page.


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Before we get started I’d just like to congratulate the two winners of the Brisbane Fitness & Health Expo giveaway– Verena & femmefitale! What I’ve found from that giveaway is that there’s not a whole lot of us from Brisbane! But I’m pleased so have two people to give these double passes too. Girls, if you could send me an email at bekatcrave@gmail.com with your full name & address, I’ll post them asap! Ps. Hope you’re as excited as I am for the expo this weekend!

SO this is how my day went down. I woke up, foam rolled, iced while I ate brekky and went to school. After teaching, having a staff meeting (biggest yawn ever), standing plenty, having little time to eat and injecting knowledge into young minds I made my way home. I had originally made a physio appointment for this afternoon for my knee & hip, but oddly enough I was experiencing NO pain. Like nada! I felt it would be a waste to go so I rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon and did Body Pump tonight to test it out with weights. I’m happy to say that it went VERY good. I decreased my weights slightly in squats and lunges, just to take it easy. I was also a bit apprehensive with how deep I went in the back, butt and hamstring track. The knee felt a tiny bit iffy during squats and the hip/groin area was not loving the jumps in the lunges- so I did the safe thing and stood out to stretch at that time. I’m so pleased with how well they’ve recovered after taking rest and looking after my body in the way that it deserves!

Lately, I’ve also been feeling pretty anxious and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m pretty time poor with prac. I get up in the morning, get ready and go to school. I’m going all day at school, then I come home to prepare stuff for school the next day, sometimes make dinner, make lunch for school, gym, blog and try to spend some quality time with the boy. I’m going to be brutally honest and say that I MAY not be blogging as frequently as I have been, or as I’d like to be. But really, it’s probably what’s going to keep me sane during this hectic time. That’s not to say this will be forever, it will be for the next few weeks and then I’m on holidays- so you’ll probably have an overload of posts then 😉 I think by acknowledging the fact that I might only be able to blog once a day or every two days, will relax me a little and then I won’t feel pressured to post but will do it naturally because I love it.

I think it’s important that we all don’t try to cram too much into the little time we have. And I think it’s better to focus solely on one or two things at a time, and give them your everything… opposed to half-assing it so to speak. So don’t feel like I’m neglecting Crave or not loving you readers- that’s definitely not the case. I’m just taking care of myself and my anxiety, so things don’t spiral out of control (especially after all the progress I’ve made). What is actually amazing is that I don’t actually do my anxiety techniques very often anymore… actually I haven’t even felt the need to do the!. Which I take as a GREAT thing- I’m obviously beginning to decrease my usual level of anxiety in day to day living. Oh and I even gave a super-anxious (like cry at the thought of anything stressful) boy a breathing technique- and it works! The power of the breathe 😉 So if you’re doubting those techniques- don’t. Instead why don’t you try it?

What do you do when you’re time poor and have so much to do?

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