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Good afternoon lovely readers! How is your day going? I’ll get into mine in a bit but first let me fill you in on a little story- at my expense.

Yesterday afternoon I had a lovely little visit from my boyfriend who brought me two special packages. One was Jersey Shore season 4.

photo 4-14

And the other was a belated Christmas present, that was wayyyyyy better than Jersey Shore (impossible right?). New pink Asics Gt 1000! You know my passion for pink shoes. We had to order them special over Ebay since they weren’t available in Australia, which is why they came super late too. But you could only imagine my surprise when I opened my package to find this.

photo 1-21

Oh my lord, I jumped straight on my computer to file a complaint and sue the pants off the person we bought them off! All while my bf quickly ran out to ‘put the dvd in the car’ so he could focus on helping me.

And here I was flustered as anything when he returned with these…

photo 2-22

Little did I know that he had mastered an evil prank on me. A wave of relief washed over me, followed be sheer joy and first-sight love as I soaked in the amazing-ness that was my new shoes.

photo 3-15

Plus they look bangin’ on too ūüėČ

Anyways, I just¬†had to share this with you since I thought it was a pretty genius prank. Plus my day today has been filled with work that went by quicker than I thought possible. I’ve got some secret blog business I’m working on at the moment that’s absorbing every last minute, bit of energy and concentration that I can muster. Blogs are hard work guys!

I’m off to watch some Jersey Shore before getting ready for a Saturday night Date night!

Are you the pranker or the pranked? Share one of your pranking stories!


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The day after Christmas day- December 26th- marks the busiest shopping day of the year* for Australians. There are sales everywhere, from online to in store, and I made sure that I was right in the thick of it from the second they opened. Actually planning and eagerness saw us there before the shops were scheduled to open! We were lucky that was the case since the car park had already started to fill up when we arrived.


Please go home shoppers I would not like to get shoved, ran over, squished and barged into as you try to get your prized sales. Yes, I may have been one of them ūüėČ

After breakfast- Hawaiian (ham, pineapple & cheese) crepe for him, ham & poached egg on 6inch wheat sub for me, I managed to score myself plenty of bargains! Plus I spent barely any of my money thanks to my Christmas presents in the form of money and gift cards.

A few essentials from Chemist Warehouse

photo 1-16


After my first purchase of this style of necklace I just needed more- plus half price? Why did I not get more?!

photo 3-12


Cute floral shorts for the summer. These are so comfortable and very flattering.

photo 4-11


I’m thinking the dress may be my New Years Eve dress- loving the colour. The pants are workout 3/4 length pants which are super comfy, keep everything tight, aren’t see-through AND have a cute pink pattern around the waist.

photo 2-17


A cute skirt. The material is pretty thin so we will see how functional this ends up being.

photo 5-9

I’ve done plenty of shopping, however none of that was of the grocery kind. Which is why our fridge looks a little bare at the moment..

photo 1-17

Thankfully I managed to scramble something decent up for lunch.

Vegie pattie on wholegrain bread with a side of mixed vegetables.

photo 2-18

I also managed to get in a weights workout today! It felt good to be back, even if I wasn’t gone all that long. I did my usual squats, deadlifts, chest press, push ups, assisted chin ups, elevated tricep dips, lat pull downs and I finished with a 15 minute interval on the elliptical- 1 minute level 25- hard out, 30 seconds level 16- faster speed (plus the warm up). I did totally blank out and forget to do an ab workout though, but luckily that’s something I can do anywhere ūüėČ

We’re home a bit earlier than expected, since we actually only spent one night (sleepless night at that) at Port Macquarie. We ended up spending Christmas day travelling 7 hours home to Brisbane and then having our own little Christmas feast and watching some Jersey Shore in bed (one of my presents!). I hope for those who have, are currently and are still to celebrate Christmas day that it’s fantastic- and if you’re someone who perhaps threw moderation out with the smell of Christmas pies coming out of the oven than¬†this post is for you.

Do you struggle through the boxing day sales or prefer to stay safe at home? What was your Christmas day like?

*Statistics were made up, but if you were there you’d understand what I mean since EVERYONE was there.

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