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Another Monday, and another week started.

Mine involved two pumpin’ Body Step classes and a chill day with the boy, who once again is fighting a cold. He actually isn’t that sick but slept all day yesterday when he was worse and hardly slept at all last night. Getting over sickness + no sleep = not work appropriate.

We did have a brief outing in the arvo though, after his few mini naps throughout the day (oh how I wish I could do that). First stop was a movie date to see Parental Guidance. It was pretty average but had a few good laughs. We finished up by visiting the arcade to play a dancing game.

photo 1-34

You know those ones where you follow the screen and just move your feet. Well my mojo must have been low because someone flogged me the first two rounds. Luckily by the end I’d found my beat and managed to win the final 2 rounds to come victorious…

photo 2-34


I also managed to make a good dint in my book. And actually I’ve almost finished it!


Yes, I do nasty dog ears on my book. My boyfriend can just remember the page number he was up to! Can you believe that?

I don’t think I have any party tricks like that. [Party tricks as in neat little things that you can do, that just so happen to impress us ordinary folk.]

Since I’m pretty plain jane I remember some party tricks I use to and still do wish I could have:

  • Be super flexible. This always impressed me.
  • Be able to do awesome magic tricks.
  • Speak another language.
  • Do the worm.
  • Read minds.
  • Predict the future.
  • Perform aerobic/circus stunts. You know, your ordinary flips, handstand bridge (!) etc.
  • Hypnotise people.

Perhaps some are a bit far fetched but hay, they’re impressive nonetheless. I think if there were any chance of me having a party trick it’d have to be exercise related. Is the ability to workout hard impressive? Ha, maybe so..but not quite impressive enough since it’s pretty standard.

What is your party trick? Or what party trick have you always wanted to have?


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I enjoyed a different type of date night last night- one of the mother-daughter kind.

photo 3-21

Mum had tickets to Gold Class Cinemas (this is fancy cinemas, think business/first class seats on a plane, this would be the equivalent of that so to speak) and had wanted to use them for a special mother daughter outing.

There’s a few movies out at the moment that we wanted to see but we thought since it was a special cinema it’d be worth it to see one everyone had been raving about. Enter Les Miserables (Hands up if you’re like me and don’t know how to pronounce Miserables correctly).

photo 1-28

Anyways before we get to the movie lets talk about the important stuff- the food, right? Since it’s Gold Class your typical movie popcorn, ice cream and lollies are no longer the most appetising thing. Sure you can still get them, or even have someone get them for you, but there are other delights that would easily trump the likes of ordinary movie treats.

Being my food-obsessed self (although in a much healthier way than I was) and knowing how much you all adore food yourselves, desserts especially (I know this), I couldn’t help but capture the luxurious, decadent treats they had on offer.

photo 2-28

photo 1-29

Since I had literally had dinner ten minutes earlier (mum brought it to work for me- chicken fried rice- and I quickly scoffed it down before heading off) I was in no mood to eat, although those desserts did look mighty tempting.

Mum opted for the profiteroles which I imagined to be a whole lot bigger than what they turned out to be, especially for the price.

photo 5-13

However, she did mention that the richness of the dessert more than made up for the small serving size. It surprised me that she wasn’t even able to finish the biscuit base (biscuit covered in chocolate) due to the sheer decadence of it all.

It’s been a tradition to always get a cocktail when you go to Gold Class- although I can’t participate in this usually since I have to drive home with an alcohol limit of 0. Mum mentioned the last one she had was less than stellar (I think it was the mojito?) so decided to go something new and different- The Spiced Pomegranate Fizz.

photo 2-29

photo 4-17

Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂

Sorry for the shabby photo- lighting was not my friend and I was getting odd looks from many of the others. Looks of jealousy…I know. Ha.

Maybe we should move on to the movie now? Well, I hate to squash all your dreams and trample on your love for Les Miserables but I wasn’t honestly less than impressed. The singing was amazing, and I thought Helen Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen were great as comic relief- I’d say they were my favourite parts of the whole movie. But the whole story went very slowly for me and I found myself constantly checking my phone to see how long was left.

I guess it was just not my sort of movie- but Gold Class? Yeah that’s my sort of cinema experience! However, it is quite expensive for your typical movie date so we generally keep it for special events and dates.

  • Have you ever been to Gold Class cinemas?
  • What did you think of Les Miserables?
  • If you had to choose a dessert from above what would you choose?
Daily Healthy Thought: What I do is not what I am.

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