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Good morning…well evening! Posting is a bit sporadic at the moment, as you can probably tell. Christmas, holidays, trips and such will do that to you! Not to mention Jersey Shore can get a little too addicting.

My fellow Jersey shore addicts will get this..for everyone else- you’re missing out.




I am looking forward to getting my routine back and for everything to get back into its’ normal rhythm but I also don’t want Simon to go back to work. It’s been nice having company around the house and to spend a little extra time with him during the day.

A little bit of routine has been injected into my life today as I filled a Body Step class and I’m currently sitting at work- slowly melting into the chair. Today we also took down our Christmas tree which is a bit of a downer- Christmas is officially over, for 2012.

Speaking of Christmas, why not revisit the Christmas list I set for myself. I mean, what point is there setting goals and making lists if you don’t get to go back and reflect on everything you did.

My Christmas List of 2012

1.Look at 89893489328492 different Christmas Lights!

I’m not sure we looked at that many lights, and our light viewing was considerably lower than previous years- but in saying that we did get to check out some pretty amazing Christmas lights.

photo 5-2

photo 4-4

2. Do lots of festive baking.

Does Christmas trifle, Chocolate truffles, Pancakes, Thumbprints Cookies and pavlova preparation count?



3. Set up the Christmas tree and decorations.

The tree was set up with plenty of time before Christmas day, and mum scattered Christmas themed decorations throughout the house. Our house was very Christmas-sy in a classy sense.


4. Watch cheesy Christmas shows and carols.

I was a bit slack with this one. However, I did convince everyone to watch Carols at the Domain whilst playing cards at the in-laws. Plus we watched Christmas with the Kranks, which I’d say is one of my favourite Christmas movies.

5. Spend time with family.

I managed to be surrounded by many amazing friends and family this Christmas season. From our Christmas barbecue, visiting the in-laws and seeing Dad’s family at Port Macquarie I am truly blessed.

6. Buying and wrapping Christmas presents.

I rocked this. I had the paper, ribbon and tags all colour coordinated. Plus I ended up wrapping some of my mum’s gifts too. Every year this is something I really enjoy.


7. Give more.

Not to toot my own horn but I gave some pretty badass gifts this year. I’m hoping I also gave people enough time, patience and love that they deserve.

I think that’s seven giant ticks for me. Is it odd that I get such a kick out of ticking/crossing things off lists. I think that is my driving motivation behind making them in the first place, ha!

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this Christmas? How do you feel about Christmas being over?

Daily Healthy Thought: I will try not to over burden myself when I need not too.


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Or out with smell of Christmas cookies, turkey, stuffing, trifle, chocolates etc etc. You get the picture. Moderation was just not present during that eating extravaganza.



It happens okay. We overeat.

What not to do?

  • Feel guilty
  • Restrict your food from there on out
  • Spend the rest of Christmas day/season worrying about it
  • Exercise to counteract (another form of bulimia- I’m not even going to mention the other thing)

What to do? Move on and get over it. Blunt yes, effective- definitely. But once again easier said than done, I know.

Okay, so it doesn’t exactly fit in with your moderation and balanced eating lifestyle but hay we’re humans and humans make mistakes. Wait, scratch that last bit- eating too much is not a mistake, it’s just something you did. You had two servings of trifle, you didn’t eat any vegetables, you had Christmas cake and Chocolate truffles for breakfast. Is that seriously what you’re concerned with on Christmas day (or during another special time when food should really be the last thing you think about) as you’re surrounded by joy, loved ones, family, friends, fantastic food and the gift of giving?

If it does happen, and to some of us it will, please don’t let it ruin anything. It’s fine to admit to yourself- Yep Bek, maybe 1 slice of cake was enough but that second piece sure did feel good… although I feel like I’ll combust at any second now. Then you resume your normal Christmas activities and typical eating as per usual.

Don’t eat more or less because of it; just drink a whole lot of water to get the food jiggling about and working through your system. Unless you want to be clogged up, and no one wants that on Christmas day surrounded by a bunch of family in a close confined space. TMI?

In all seriousness- I’ve been there and it has ruined special moments that soon become ED, anxious and obsessive moments. It’s time to stop. Stop giving in to it, stop giving it the satisfaction and limelight. You know what and who deserves that limelight? You do! Enjoy your life. Like my therapist says- what’s the point in working hard 48 weeks a year to not enjoy those 4 weeks you get off? (Yes, the man is magical with words).



If you’re in a place of need or panic I hope this has reached you in time so that you’re able to get the little bit of strength I poured into it before you turn a special moment sour.

How do you get past falling perfect in situations? Did you show moderation this Christmas season?

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