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Today was definitely my day for shopping, unlike Sunday. The shops were busy, just the way I like ’em, but they weren’t ‘can’t-move-an-inch-hurry-up-huge-lines’ busy. I had a very pleasant shopping experience and managed to get just about everything I needed! Plus I even got a few items cheaper than expected- this bargain hunter was very happy.

Since I’m also a present wrapping enthusiast I’ve also managed to finally select all my gift wrapping, ribbons and tags. My colours this year are silver, purple and gold.


With more presents still to come and be wrapped!

Yesterday I did mention I needed a recommendation from my mum’s Jodi Picoult library but by the time I got all the comments I had already picked another book. I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait any longer- Jodi was calling for me. Rest assured that if I get through it as quick as The Pact I’ll be moving onto your recommendations sooner than later. So what am I currently reading?


House Rules. The twist described on the back of the book intrigued me as did the fact that the boy had Asperger’s Syndrome. Being a soon-to-be teacher I have and will come across children with this, so I was intrigued to read about that a little more too.

I know I’m a few days late but I feel compelled to not overlook but to write about the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook school in Newtown. My heart, love, thoughts, hugs, prayers and strength goes out to all those who are suffering and involved. I can’t even imagine the pain and it hurts me to think about it to be honest. I’m not a very good writer so I don’t want to say too much. There are those who have managed to capture my feelings and thoughts, and were able to express it better than I ever could. I wish to express that by linking these posts up for you to read as you wish.

Wherever you are today and whatever you’re doing I hope you squeeze a little harder next time you hug someone, give them extra kisses and pester them with ‘I Love You’s’. And hopefully this will help remind you what this Christmas season is really about.

What extra gesture will you do to show someone you love and care for them? What book are you reading at the moment?


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A double teaching of Body Step has been done! So has some Christmas wrapping, Christmas shopping, breakfast, post-gym snack, travel stuff, showering and self tanning. Whewwwwww.

What have you done this morning? I hope your Monday morning is as productive as mine. Speaking of productivity I managed to finish that book I showed you the other night.



I love reading and usually get easily absorbed in a good book but it feels like forever since I’ve read. Actually I think the last book I was reading was the third and final book of the trilogy- Fifty Shades of Freed. But I felt by the third book it was all a bit repetitive and could not get into it. Which is probably why it is still unfinished. Reading this past few days has done amazing things for me in terms of down time and relaxing..why did I not think of it sooner!?

The Pact was started and finished in 3 days. I found it left me a bit down in the end due to the nature of the books’ issues but I loved it regardless. By the end I was still left with questions, theories and assumptions- some of which were never actually resolved. That slightly annoys me but mum said she thought that was the point to it. Regardless, I’m ready to read another Jodi Picoult. I’m lucky since my mum seems to be the Jodi Picoult library so I’ve got plenty of choice.


Any recommendations? I’ve already read My Sisters Keeper too- I preferred the movie ending!

I’ve also got some nasty looking callouses on both my hands, particularly in the middle. Warning: If you’re eating probably finish your food first.


It’s not too painful but it definitely does irritate me. I notice it acts up after I teach and I’ve pinned it down to my hands going on the step. I don’t know if I should moisturise it to soften the skin, rub it with an exfoliation type thing- but that’d kill. Or if those things will just make my skin softer and end up making it worse because it will rub easier. Alternatively, do I just let it be?

Have you got a Jodie Picoult book recommendation for me? Have you had callouses before? How did you deal with/treat them?

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