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Happy first day of the weekend! How is everyones Saturday?

Mine began with some gym (yay)- I taught a 45 min body step class and did half a body pump class before scooting off to work which is where I am now- scarring my legs with a heater because it’s so darn cold and I refuse to move away from the heat! I’ve got date night ahead to look forward to and markets tomorrow, and then a few nights for some alone time with the bf as mum is away. YAY! (yay for being home alone with my man, not for mum being away- who would ever assume something so terrible).

I’ve been debating whether or not to share something with you that I find particularly embarrassing and degrading; but what they hay- I doubt anyone is reading and it’s always good to write and express your feelings is it not?

I wanted to share something with you that I am pretty embarrassed about. As a body step instructor (or an instructor of any fitness program for that matter) you are constantly being assessed and judged- wow she’s not very fit, what is she wearing, oh she stuffed up the choreo, god her voice is annoying etc- and so sometimes things around that issue can be a bit touchy. I have, well had 3 permanent body step classes already (only recently was I certified) so I felt great, was earning some extra cash and was very proud of my quick achievements! But then all of a sudden one of the gyms cancelled my two classes due to a timetable change. What a blow to the heart. Straight away I resorted to blaming myself and feeling crappy- thinking things like ‘oh they probably didn’t like you’ or ‘you musn’t  be a very good instructor’. Productive yeh?

But it didn’t take me long, although I am still a bit deflated by it, to realise maybe it wasn’t me? Maybe the members preferred different classes not different instructors- say pump or yoga to step, maybe with winter the timetable just had to change, there are numerous reasons why it could of happened, but hay it could of been me that was the problem? But really, who cares? What is the point on dwelling on the negative. Why make yourself feel crappy? If this happened to your friend would you tell her ‘oh you must be an awful instructor’- no you wouldn’t, unless you are a terrible friend and maybe you would haha!

So how do we deal with disappointment? When someone else disappoints you it is easier to move on, forgive and forget- but self disappointment… well that’s a different basket of eggs (yes I made that up). We treat it as a challenge. A challenge to better ourselves, improve, pick ourselves up and move on! And who knows, maybe it was fate telling you that you need a sleep in on a Wednesday morning instead of a 5am wake up call 😉 (atleast that’s what I’m telling myself).

I’m pretty sure this picture captures it perfectly.

Don’t think, just acknowledge and move on. This technique was given to me by my counsellor to help me deal with the self judgement I experience with food and eating. But I feel it could apply to many situations.

  1. Tune into yourself completely-body, mind & spirit.
  2. Acknowledge the feelings that come up- label them, say them aloud, write them down- whatever you want.
  3. And just let them go (easier said then done right). Don’t try and deny them or push them into a deep space only for them to pop out in monster form later on. Be with these feelings and experience them fully; then just let them float away like a cloud.
  4. Continue living your fantastic life like the fantastic person you are!
I’ve actually just stumbled across a handout she gave me that might also be of assistance.
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (using psychological flexibility):
  1. Contacting the present moment- be fully present.
  2. Acceptance- open up.
  3. Values- know what matters.
  4. Defusion- watch your thinking.
  5. Commited action- do what works.
  6. The observing self- access your awareness.

(Copyright Russ Harris, 2008)

I think it’s also important to question and put into perspective, how truly bad, agonizing, terrible, depressing is your situation? Many people are so much worse off and dealing with far worse things. Please don’t get me wrong, this is not to demean your situation but to rationalise it, just incase you have tendencies to be irrational…cough. Have your brief moments of feeling down (as you acknowledge the feelings and experience them fully)- because we are human- but don’t dwell on it, don’t over think it, beat yourself up over it or make a drama out of it (oh I’d never). Just be your fabulous self and try to see what good can come out of it!

Hope everyone has a rockin’ Saturday night, free of disappointments- but if not; don’t let it ruin your night/weekend/week/life, yeah? 😉

So, how do you deal with disappointment?- Hopefully, not with a carton of ice cream (although I am an avid ice cream eater and supporter, why ruin such a joyous thing like eating ice cream with all those crappy feelings? Ice cream eating should be a happy time!).

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Happy Friday everyone! Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? What are your plans? Well mine include work, gym, work, markets and a few nights housesitting with the boy whilst mum is away (yay). It’s always fun to play house 😉

So this is the last installment of my New Zealand travel recap series haha..just reading that sounded lame. But anywho I want to share with you how I managed to get exercise in amongst all the busyness and chaos of a family vacation and I’ll add in other bits and bobs also (hence the ‘& extras’ of the title).

Before I left New Zealand I decided exercise was not going to priority on the trip but instead exploring and appreciating new zealand’s beauty and what it has to offer, as well as spending quality time with family was the focus. However, I love starting my day with a sweat as it gets me ready for the rest of the day. Most days I did planned exercise, so to speak. And all days I did some kind of incidental exercise.

If you’ve ever been travelling, especially at a city, you know you will end up walking 28398309kms more than you do back home and lucky for us walking is a great form of exercise. We walked around the shops, the cities and towns, and to and from the town square.

I also did my own exercise majority of the mornings (except when it was raining). I did a several wallks/runs/jogs varying from a quick 40 minutes to a longer 90 minutes. This allowed me to stretch out my legs, see Queenstown a bit more and see beautiful sunrises.

Some mornings it was glorious (obviously the weather organiser knew it was my birthday that morning).





Other days it was a bit less vibrant. Some days were even still pitch black!





Whilst I am an anti-runner I found that I really enjoyed going for these runs because I had a great route with plenty of scenery. I also was able to challenge my fitness in ways that I don’t regularly do back home. I can’t believe how much my body ached from running- especially after the first and second runs. I had aches in my back and oddly enough my abs. It felt good to hurt like that though- it was a good pain not a ‘oh my doctor time’ pain.

I had also, with good and perhaps hopeful intentions, perused my fav blogs and taken photos of good circuit and at home exercises I could do whilst I was away. I did none of these, haha! I didn’t have time and didn’t felt the need/want to do it. So why force something? I also didn’t have any associated exercise guilt! Yahoo! If this is something you regularly deal with- perhaps you may have some eating issues of your own also. (Feel free to discuss these with me further if you want an ear).

One night I did use the online workout videos from Barre3. I did 3 videos that night which included a 30 minute cardio calorie blaster (forgot which one exactly), a 10 min core and leg workout and a 10 minute dancers stretch. I had to make a few changes accordingly, as I didn’t have a chair, weights, ball or yoga mat. But I did have a window ledge, wedge heels and a carpet rug. It was still a great workout, my legs and core were shaking at times and I really enjoyed the instructors- especially the owner and founder Sadie. If I had to pay for it I probably wouldn’t bother- but because I had got a free trial from another blog I thought what better time to use it.

Before and during my trip I considered doing quick gym sessions- there were 2 gyms close by. Both had ridiculous fees/rates and I was not willing to pay for 1 session that cost more than 2 weeks at my gym back home. It’s not worth it. Plus, I had seen this vacation as a chance for my body to do some recovery, albeit still active but much less intense.

As you (that’s if anyone is even reading this haha) would all know by now I have some eating issues which I am dealing with. This was tested at New Zealand. Whilst at home I do the grocery shopping and many of the dinners/cooking which means I have alot of control over the food. New Zealand? Not so much. I did do my own food at times obviously (brekky, some dinners, snacks etc) but it felt good to not have to fret over food so much. It also didn’t make me anxious. And this anxiety didn’t return when I ate out (which was nearly two times a day both days). It was great to be able to choose a meal without analysing it’s components and freaking out over it’s nutritional stats (and not knowing the calories in it!). It probably helped that I chose healthy options when dining out but I did that because I love that food and didn’t deprive myself because I ‘should’ have a salad instead of that chicken wrap. It’s the deprivation and restriction that has got me here and many of you like me need to realise that by saying no we want it more!

So try saying yes more often and things might get easier. I mean saying yes to your favourite dessert at a restaurant not so much saying yes to 2 jars of peanut butter because that’s what you want (really that’s what you think you want- it’s what your mind wants; try asking your body instead…wait my body still wants 2 jars too..oh dear we have a problem haha!).

Do you exercise when you go on holidays? What is your typical exercise routine like when you’re away from home?

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